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  1. Hope nobody cares about posting a location, these suckers are around for a few weeks . . . then noodnik. They are a lotta fun. There's still ice out on the lake . . . . there is about 50' of open water, then ice. Good luck . . . . have a ball, eh!
  2. Thank you very much for your offer . . . . but I think I have found a 2 year old Panasonic fax / copier / answering machine, still in the box with the receipt . . . . barely used . . . . I'm gonna take a run up to Gravenhurst and have a boo. He couldn't hook it up on his phone line, it interfered with his other answering machine, and it was one of those 'ON SALE' items marked 'all sales final.' It became a 'dust catcher' for 2 years Geeze, this site is GREAT!
  3. Although I've owned a computer for over 20 years, I still almost need to look at the manual to just turn it on & off! I have a decent HP printer that HP quit selling ink cartridges for about 6 months ago . . . . there are THOUSANDS of these cartridges on the Internet, and since I couldn't get one ANYWHERE in the GTA, I decided to throw caution to the winds, and ordered 3 cartridges from a place in California. They were $25.00 Cdn. cheaper, even with shipping & handling than I had been stiffed for in Canada. I had a few small problems, but I did get my GENUINE HP cartridges in 6 days. I just don't understand why I got those items, that I ordered from a California company, sent to me from a company in Georgia? The next thing I need, is an 'el cheapo' fax phone, again they are close to 40% cheaper than they are here? What if I gave my VISA number to some damn crook who goes out and buys a new car with it? How could I recover my money? I've never seen this topic discussed here . . . . what are some of your experiences, good or bad . . . . and what should a fella who just climbed off the ol' turnip truck look for when making a purchase off the 'net? Are there any Nigerian princes selling some of these items, or do they only do Internet scams?
  4. I am NOT old, ya young whippersnapper!
  5. I took a mosey out from Jacksons Point last week to have a boo at the driving conditions. . . . there was a pretty good trail until you got on the open lake, then it started to get kinda choppy, so decided I'd better swing around and go back. I got a pretty good head of steam on and then swung out away from the wheel tracks. I made it about 150 feet, and bogged down . . . there was about 8" to 10" of 'choppy' snow . . . . so I climbed out and got my good steel snow shovel and dug out about 50' for getting my wheels free . . . . I only made it about 50' past where I finished digging . . . bogged down again! Then a couple fellas came along (OFC guys) with a half-ton and between them pushing and digging it only took a few minutes and I was back in the wheel tracks again. It would have likely taken me an hour to dig my way back to shore!! I shoulda known ti instantly when I saw there were only a half dozen 4 X 4 vehicles out there and NO CARS that I better not even try! There is up to about 10" of heavy snow, not hard enough to drive on top of and is about the consistency of white sugar you just cannot get enough traction. Even a decent 4 X 4 would be hard-pressed to go through. My Grand Caravan ALMOST was 'bottoming out.' It doesn't look like it will be too good for driving on that lake for a while! If I'm gonna fish, I gotta drive to my spot . . . . 4 major knee surgeries put a real dent in my walking . . . . anyhoooooooooooo . . . . . thank you fellas for getting me back on track . . . it sure was appreciated!
  6. A few years ago when I was fishin' the Ganny in Port Hope, there was 3 or 4 drunken foul-mouthed hillbillies casting over other people's lines, dragging spoons with large trebles on 'em. giving 'em a good jerk every few feet, and just generally being an ass, when I heard one of 'em yelling in obvious pain. THEN I saw what he was yelling about . . . . somehow his buddy had drove the treble on a 3/4 ounce Cleo well past the barb into the back of his neck when he cast it. . . . I could hardly keep the smile off my face. This was almost as funny as a guy I saw 'lipping' a 3 - 4 pound pike . . . . made a quite a mess of his fingers!
  7. Just what we need . . . . . more drunks on the ice! That would never get off the ground in Ontario . . . . the O. P. P., M. N. R. and the local constabulary would be down on 'em like a ton o' bricks! (Rather novel idea though!)
  8. T'ank-you kindly . . . . they changed the location of this when I wasn't lookin,' I'd had it bookmarked under 'BUSTED' for years, then I couldn't find the new location. It's VERY useful to see just what's going on out there!
  9. Yeah h h h h . . . I DID find that much, they're usually up to about 3 - 4 months behind, so it looks like they've diasappeared for good? But . . . thank-you for checking for me . . . . I'm brain dead when it comes to computer use . . . . I just figured may y y y b e I had something punched in wrong!
  10. I used to regularly keep an eye on the names, offences, convictions and fines through the M. N. R.'s 'BUSTED' site, but all I now get is #404 NOT FOUND. Does anyone kinow what happened to the site? Is it still out there, or was it a victim of 'budget cuts' like so many others. It was really interesting just how much some of those 'scofflaws' were getting fined for getting caught not obeying our game & fish laws. Does ANYBODY still check this site out or know where it went?
  11. A rather simple solution . . . . HOOK THE THING UP PROPERLY. I had forgot I have to turn it on to charge it!! Oh yeah . . . . . . surprise, surprise, the battery WAS toast! Does anyone know if you can get a small van on the ice at Gilford, or Roches Point? P. S. Misfish . . . . because of weather conditions, it could be a while before I get up there, and I don't wish to have you running all over hell's half acre, trying to find me. I do appreciate the offer, and I thank you very much.
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