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  1. Hi guys, went to go look at my first boat today! Now I have a couple more questions... The boat is an older looking 12 ft starcraft, on a good condition trailer with an old 9.5 hp outboard on the back. The motor had the serial number in the usual spot, but I couldnt find a serial number anywhere on the boat or trailer... Do they usually not have serial numbers? (even my sportspal canoe had a serial number on it, so I'd think there would be one for an actual boat/trailer). The owner has the ownership for the trailer, but I would think I might have some trouble registering it without a very precise bill of sale that has a serial number written on it. Also, in terms of the bill of sale, should I be getting him to write me three bills of sale, so I don't have to pay a huge amount of tax when just registering the trailer? Thanks!
  2. Sounds good. Maybe a transmission cooler kit installed on my future car might be a good idea before I start to tow stuff, just because I want to keep whatever vehicle I get for a long time. Does anybody have any experience with the ford ranger 4x4 trucks? I believe they had a 4.0L V6 option too... Could be another potential car to look into.
  3. Thanks for all the responses guys. So, from my understanding now is that as long as I have the bill of sale/signed over ownership for the boat/motor, I should be fine out on the water. No registration/insurance or anything needed as long as its under 10 hp. (I guess the numbers painted on the side of the boat wouldnt mean anything to me either then). In terms of the trailer, I just bring the bill of sale/signed ownership to the MTO and buy some plates? I've been seeing a lot of ads on kijiji lately where the guy says he's "lost the ownership to the boat and trailer, but you can register it as a homemade trailer". Does this make any sense? I would assume that the gov't wouldnt allow some random guy to slap together a trailer in his garage, load a 1500 pound boat onto it, then pull it down the highway at 120 km/h... Matt.
  4. Hi guys, First question: The time has come for me where I have to sell my 1991 mazda miata convertible and buy a more practical car that I can use to get to school/work every day, but I want to also purchase a boat to tow with it. I'm thinking of purchasing a 12-14 foot aluminum with an engine no bigger than 9.9hp on the back. Two cars that have been appealing to me lately are a 2008-2009 mazda 3 GT sedan (fwd, 2.3L engine), and a 2005-2006 subaru impreza RS (awd, 2.5L engine). Would either of these two cars be suitable for towing my future boat, or should I be looking into getting something else? Any other vehicle options would be appreciated too! EDIT: I really prefer to drive manual, but if there is some huge advantage to towing with an automatic, I'd like to hear anything about it too! (Also, I don't mind a bit of wear on the clutch from boat launches, thats just normal wear and tear to me) Second question: I have had a square stern sportspal canoe that I have mounted many small outboards to in the past, but obviously there is no ownership/insurance/registration I had to worry about with the canoe. Just have the boating license and the appropriate safety equipment, and you are always good to go. When I purchase said 9.9 hp aluminum boat and trailer, whats the registration/ownership process like for both the boat and the trailer? (i.e. when I purchased my miata, I had to get a bill of sale from the owner signed over to me, insurance for the vehicle, safety and e-test it, and then I was fit to register it with the government and get plates for the vehicle...) Is there any specific process like this for a small boat, or is it more a game of you just give the seller some cash and drive off with the boat and you are good to go? I would assume that there would be an ownership for the boat and trailer, so you can legally prove it's yours, but then again I really have no clue right now... Any help would be greatly appreciated! Matt.
  5. This is by far the best OFC post I've ever seen during my time here. Those seals are beautiful. Well done!!
  6. Hi guys, What type of lower end gear oil does everybody use for their small outboards? Also, how frequently should I be changing the water pump/impeller? I've heard around every two seasons is good but want to be sure! Thanks!
  7. Do you know where I could buy one of them? I tried taking the one I bought back, but of course they wouldn't take it because it's been filled with.... GASOLINE lol.
  8. ON A SIDE NOTE, not to derail my own thread, but does anybody know if it's fine to use TC W3 outboard oil for other 2 stroke engines like lawnmowers/dirtbikes/leafblowers and stuff? The reason why I'm asking is because every single two stroke engine I have takes the same Fuel:oil ratio (50:1) and I'm relatively new to all of this stuff Thanks!
  9. do you ever have any problems with water getting in your gasoline?
  10. So everybody doesn't panic thinking I'll light my garage on fire: I was planning on always storing it upright (which it is right now), I wanted to put it sideways in the trunk of my car after I was at the shell station, so when I turned, it wouldn't fall over in the trunk. Upon realizing it leaked gasoline when tipped sideways, I just put it in the passenger side footwell of the car and held onto it with my right arm when turning so it wouldn't tip. I also agree with hating those nozzle vented ones, I have one of the 20L versions of those and its absolutely terrible when its full lol
  11. Has anyone had any experience with those military style gas cans? I just bought one because it seemed easier to store, but I filled it up with gasoline today and it leaks when I lay it sideways. The cap I'm pointing to is the one that leaks. Any suggestions on how to stop this?
  12. Beauty walleye for any body of water, that thing has some serious size to it! I'm going to take a fairly educated guess at where you were fishing, and for the record, I think I have caught 1 largemouth and a handful of perch and sunfish out of that lake LOL
  13. I've never even caught a whitefish so I'd be pretty stoked to get 3 whitefish in a day lol. Nice haul!!
  14. Hypothetically, if I were to be working as a waiter, or retail, or wherever, and a guy and his wife come in, I can't really picture any other way I would address both of them at once other than saying "Hi guys!". To me, it seems to be the most natural way of addressing a male and a female at once, but I have homestly never thought about addressing groups people this thouroughly until now. On a side note, I was at Cdn Tire earlier tonight buying some Seafoam for my outboard, and when I was paying, the cashier, a woman probably in her mid 50's or so, kept on addressing me as "sir". I thought it sounded pretty funny considering I'm basically a kid.
  15. As one of the youngest members of this board at 18 years old, I definitely refer to groups of people as "guys" all the time. It's not something I really think about, it just seems like the best and easiest way to address a large crowd of people imo. Whenever I meet friends parents/my parents friends I always call them Mr./Mrs. when I'm addressing them, until I'm asked to call them by their first name (usually they laugh and tell me to call them by their first name right away anyways). I'm currently studying civil engineering at McMaster University, and what I think is really funny about some of my peers that will also be professionals in the next few years, is the way some of them dress and act. I'm not allowed to say or even hint at some of the names they call eachother without even thinking about it, and I find it kind of funny that somebody attending university finds it perfectly fine to go around wearing a baggy white T-shirt capable of covering a bed mattress, a snap-back baseball cap, and $300 tennis shoes. Idk about everyone else, but thats certainly not the type of person I'd be looking to hire if I was recruiting a team of engineers to design a bridge that thousands of people would be using every year. But thats a whole different convo on it's own.
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