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  1. Hey Folks, I have to agree with my buddy Rich, Jerkbaits and jointed cranks are what I throw and the steelhead just smash them where i fish. Some days I get 3 or 4 in less then half hour and all on orange and black or silver and black 4 inch Rapala Husky Jerks, oh yeah and the blue and silver also. Only two more weeks in Southern Ontario before it is on. Chad
  2. Hey guys, I fished this lake the first week of June and we had a decent walleye bite. Got a few OOS LMB on cranks and also a few pike. If you want a few spots that porduced ok for me PM me. Only fished it for 3 days but like I said got a feed or two of walleye, Chad
  3. PokerDemon4 thats a nice tank right there. Please tell me that this fish was not caught at a reservoir that starts with a V? Chad
  4. I fish Paris to Brantford weekly in a canoe and jerkbaits in greens and silvers 4 inches in size. Also Live target perch coloured cranks. Lots of Bass between 1-2.5 lbs caugh each trip. I think the key is to throw somethign you can cover alot of water with. Chad
  5. Hey Bud , PM me I have fished this area along time and I have some good pointers for that area for eyes. Chad
  6. Hey SBK, I planned on entering and received an entry form as I am a Burford Lions member. After receiving the entry form and reading it 10 times I could not find the date of the event on the forum. Would likely help if the date was on the registration forms. Where can I get some info on this event? Chad
  7. Moira Lake here I come...

  8. Hey folks, I am looking for a place on both of the above lakes to camp. I plan on taking the wife and nephew and we love to camp and always like a nice campgrounds that is semi-private, wooded etc to add to the camping experience for the little guy. More importantly there needs to be a boat launch fairly close so I am able to get out and do some fishing. Any personal experiences, phone numbers, etc would be appreciated. If you do not want to post on the board please PM me. Any basic fishing advice based on the month, species etc would be great. Thanks in advance, BiggFish
  9. Good report. Hard work does pay off. The young guy at Angling Outfitters name is Al he is a very good friend of mine and a really good guy. One thing about him is he really likes to make sure people are catching fish. Hopefully the freebie does the trick. Chad
  10. Hey there, I go on an annual fishing trip from Brantford Ontario and we stop at Windy Lake resort for the night and then continue up where we get on Ray's nice beaver and he flies us into Lake Ramsey. Small world. Looks like a good trip all around. Chad
  11. I am in. Please add me to the list SRT8 and Dan. Thanks, Chad
  12. Hey guys, What size of frog are you throwing the 5/8 or 3/4? I bought a few of the 5/8 and they look mint!
  13. Hey, Does anyone know where I can get a dime bag?
  14. Thats awesome. A very worthy cause. This last fish-a-thon was my first but I plan to get a few friends involved next year. It is a good day, with a bucn of good guys (for the most part), for a worthy cause. Ryan and Dan and many others put alot of work in behind teh scenes to make it happen. Thanks guys!! BF
  15. WTG bud. Now I am sitting here typing this message depressed and twitching waiting for soft water. BF
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