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  1. have you had your coils changed they are in the recall all 2008-2011 mercs (not 2strokes or verado's) are on a special service bulletin and your dealer should replace them
  2. Shhhhooooosh LOL I moved the plug to another cylinder and it failed there to
  3. Meh it was like getting nailed by a BBQ lighter but really fast LOL but it did elimanate the posibility of coil probs I checked the one that didn't light up the tester on purpose to make sure the coil was firing
  4. Thanks for the info guys I went and bought a sparkplug tester and my top plug is bad (Thanks Tybo) hope that will be the end of my issues the coils are all firing so it must be that plug (found out the coils work the hard way DON"T touch a inline spark tester while the engine is running LOL)
  5. I am going to try that and replace the plugs hope that's the end of it
  6. several for many many years both burwell launches are run by great people. if it's a steep ramp then Ron or his son know what they are doing although I leave the straps on until it's in the water if it's steep .
  7. were you guys out of mitchells bay sunday ? saw a boat with the same 35hp motor at the weigh in around 4 . nice fish by the way
  8. Thanks that's re-assuring to hear someone had the same problem I will let ya's know how it works out
  9. That makes sense and yes it had alot of junk on it when I looked at them they are (plugs) NGK without the bent peice for the spark to jump to (not sure what it's called ) but the the white insulation on the plug has black marks across it . the thing that is bugging me is it works good at idle and just above but bogs when you hit the throttle.
  10. yes I can do that I unfortunately am on vacay and that doesn't fit into the plans for the week LOL have to wait till labour day weekend to trouble shoot it because it runs normal on the muffs in the drive way ?
  11. I did inspect the wire but I suspect it is the coil itself from the kicking back in at low rpm's my buddy is a small engine mech and fixes seadoo's regularily I just cant seem to get ahold of him LOL Thanks for the idea's
  12. No it was a brand new 2 stroke warranty is only 1 year factory and the offer up to 5 years extended for $2800 which I couldn't justify paying 50% of the retail cost of the motor on extended warranty .Thanks for the imput guys the bottom cylinder is "wet" and I am going to replace the plugs and the coil on the bottom cylinder and hope that's the end of it I have suspected the coils were messing up as it occationally would hesitate while accelerating wish me luck
  13. I fished a tourney on st clair sunday and on the way out we were running 40mph and the motor bogged and we went down to 25mph but it sounded normal just no power , when we slow down you can feel the 3rd cylynder kick back on and start powering the boat it works fine at idle but as soon a you throttle it it boggs down I think it's a coil/plug or a carb/fuel prob . I am just looking for advice before I take it in hope this is the end of my engine issues it's only a year and a half old
  14. The winners were fishing the river you can go up a short distance to the first island I believe Canadian side only . Nice vid Mike ya couldn't have missed us we were the only boat going 25mph see my other post as to why LOL
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