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  1. Thanks again guys for all the replies. Looks like we may take a ride this weekend and check a few of these out.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I will check that one out. Does any one have any info on wether or not the runs are already done for the year?
  3. Good morning everyone. I havent been around in a while but my dad asked me a question today that I do not have an answer for but was sure somene here could help. He would like to take a weekend drive to go see a fish ladder or an area that you can watch a large quantity of fish move up stream( not necessarily a ladder). We live in the London area but are willing to drive a bit to see the sights. My mom and dad are both in their mid sixtys so nothing that you need to be a mountain goat to get to please. Hopefully we have not missed the spawn run, but all info is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. I can tell you from first hand experience this summer that Ben is 100% professional and will do everyting in his power to put you on fish.
  5. Ok guys I need some help, I have a trip next week to Lac Seul. Taking my wife and son and both sets of parents, we are going fully guided, shore lunches the whole bit. It is 4 full days of fishing in two boats with two guides. My question is what would be your starting point for each guides tip? I know it all depends on the service received but what would you consider fair. I have done day trips before but never 4 days with the same guide.
  6. You wont hurt it by a little tension with a bungee. I have seen me drift up against a rock at the French while fighting a fish and make the shaft look like a bow (not recommended). They will flex quite a bit.
  7. Thanks for all the help guys.
  8. Billy bob I was going to say aluminum but I went out and checked and they are a white plastic of some sort so I would say the lexon you are talking about. The booms are metal. I did notice they say Mini mag A on the side.
  9. Billy bob what part are you referring to when you asked aluminum or lexon?
  10. Just wondering what a pair of Cannon mini mag electric down riggers would be worth. These are the older white bodied units. They have cable a pair of balls and swivel bases. Both work fine. Any one have an idea on what they are worth?
  11. This is really tragic and should never have happened. I have done some work off a swing stage and the law is the worker must be secured by a separate lifeline. This way if a failure occurs the worker only falls the length of his harness safety lanyard. I wonder if the company was cheaping out and not supplying all the proper equipment or telling these workers of their rights.
  12. There are no depth charts available but you can get a topo chart for Your Lowrance that has very good detail. I found it helped quite a bit with planning where you were going to fish etc.
  13. It was a fantastic series to be in the stands. Just think this is a building year for the knights, next year is supposed to be the all out year. As for Houser he would have been a decent selection but Watson gave his all every game I seen him play and was also quite deserving.
  14. Check out the link below, it is a large commercial fishery here in Ontario. It legally sells a ton of Ontario sport fish. http://www.alltempfoods.com/products.htm
  15. I have owned the Polarkraft 178 Tc for about 6 years now, great boat with very minimal issues. Would not hesitate to buy another one. You wont be disappointed with the Yamaha 115 it tops out in calm water with three in the boat at right around 40 mph.
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