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  1. I also used it this past week an threw it with different swim baits and used it over 3 days about for about 2 hours each day ...had zero luck on it.
  2. I can't tell if your boat is glass or aluminum? If it's fiberglass you can apoxy the transducer to the bottom of the hull on the inside of the boat..in which case you wouldn't need to buy a new one or fix that one.. Google it and I'm sure you will find instructions on how exactly it's done.
  3. You could also try Central Outboard Marine in Markham..they aren't to far from Woodbridge and I have brought my boat there for a while and so have friends of mine..
  4. thanks for the help..if anyone else has some feedback for me that would be great
  5. Hey guys im in the market for a new fishing boat and Ive been looking at the 2012 Polarkraft Nor'Easter 179 and I would probably power it with a Yamaha 115hp 4strk like in this pic....it seems to be a good bang for my buck and it looks really well built but I dont know anyone who has owned one.. If anyone has any info on this boat it would be great thanks.. .. the boat is almost like this one in the picture..
  6. thanks for the help guys.. my next question would be how long of a leader line should I have from lead core to lure.?? oh an the Okuma is just a lower model reel "MAGDA" is the name
  7. I bought a new Okuma line counter reel and Im going to spool it up with the suffix lead core line.. my question is what rod should I buy to mount it on?? I want to fish for walleye with it and maybe some steelhead...and I dont want to break the bank?
  8. this was a good idea to start this conversation.. fellow anglers as followers is always good.
  9. I have the lowrance elite 5 dsi and I love it. I got the "hot maps" for it and that combined with the gps and downscan is a deadly combo. As far as the hummingbird I cant really say because I have never used it but I have a hummingbird flasher for the ice and it works great. Good luck
  10. Im sure you need a permit from the township in order to demo the place.. but b carefull because if it is as old as u say then it may b a heritage home and they wouldn't let u take it down chances are that everything will be fine so gook luck with the demo... also I always wanted to own land out that way.. what's waterfront property sell for in that area??
  11. thanks guys!! ill try some of the tips and let u guys know how it goes.. also about that simcoe fishing where would I go for some lakers?
  12. Dan's original post is from over 3 years ago
  13. I got a great deal on some electronic down riggers. Id like to test them out on Bay of Quinte trolling for some walleye. Can anybody give me some beginner tips? I am a rookie when it comes to downrigging, and any info to get me off on the right foot would be appreciated. Thanks guys
  14. Live northern leopard frogs on a custom home made weedless quick strike rig
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