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  1. Its more about strenght then direction. Big waves stirs it up and what gets stirred up in Erie comes down the Niagara. Check out coastwatch imagery, if you see brown where Niagara meets Ontario then its pretty much shot.
  2. After some more research I believe it is an Apache generator. Any dealers around selling these? I fired off an email to Apache in Texas but no response.
  3. Never leave the dock without checking the fuel. The one time i forgot was not a good day.
  4. Does anybody know of a dealer that sells these generators in Ontario? A friend of mine needs some parts but cannot find anything anywhere. He bought this thing in Mississauga about 5 or 6 years ago but the store he got it from no longer exists. I tried contacting the manufacturer to no avail. He kept asking what name brand it is. The only sticker on it says Koop. He tells me impossible we don't sell them under the name Koop, whats the name brand? After about 10 emails back and forth I gave up on him. All I want to know is where can I get parts. Unbelievable that the manufacturer cannot tell me where in Canada I can get parts and or service. Ok I think I got it off my chest. Anybody know of a dealer that services theses machines? Thanks.
  5. I agree I run em all at 18"
  6. "If you don't believe your country should come before yourself Ya can better serve your country, by living somewhere else" Thanks for the memories Tom.
  7. Going to have a hard time making friends here with comments like that. Stay safe.
  8. HahahahahahahHhHha Funny you should say that. Last summer at angling outfitters I picked up a new fly reel. Josh had it marked down from $150 to $99. I bought it and asked him to put a $49.99 sticker on it for me. He laughed when I told him the wife would be happy that I got what I wanted for less then half of what I was willing to spend. Let's just say we were both full of "happiness" that day.
  9. True.......BUT my happiness quickly turns into sorrow when she finds out how much happiness I bought.
  10. I find it hard to protect the Brook trout if they are not native. Id hate to see them removed, but if there presence is having an effect on the natives, then I would say there time is up.
  11. Thanks....I tried that before I made this post. Lots of places listed there but no info about them. Would like to find a hall with a shuffleboard table, these can be hard to come across. Just hoping someone here may know of one.
  12. Ill be up at the top of Red Hill Valley But anywhere in the area is good enough for me.
  13. Anyone know the Hamilton area well enough to point me towards a decent pool hall/sports bar? Ill be in the area on the weekend to please the wife visiting her sister so I wanna take off with my brother in law and shoot some pool or something. Shuffelboard table would be good too. Thanks Guys.
  14. Nice trip....I lived in the Sault for a couple years and I am still kickin myself for not taking the train tour. Looks like you had a god time.
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