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  1. fishinguypat

    Breaking Bad-this Sunday/ Final 8 episodes

    With two episodes left I have to say there will be someone walking away with the money, playing walt as the anti hero to root for has to lead to him being successfull in some way... prediction jesse doesn't die..
  2. fishinguypat

    Anyone Try This Before?

    Do you think this would be effective one Lake O? It looks easier said than done http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzpGQWqFEUo
  3. fishinguypat

    What were these for?

    The two top are actually for covers and there are screws tight in place so I don't think any water could come through, I'm assuming they were for riggers now
  4. fishinguypat

    What were these for?

    Hi I have been wondering what these 4 screws on the back of my fiberglass boat were. Unfortunately I can't contact the previous owner, and when I bought it I never really asked. I was thinking they were either for down-riggers or some kind of mast attachment :/
  5. fishinguypat

    New world record Brown Trout

    these triploids don't even look natural at all, there heads are more bloated and round
  6. fishinguypat

    help pick budget salmon/steelhead rod & reel

    I got the acculite and the damn thing broke when I brought it home, I think it was defective at the tip though. I honestly say go spend a hundred and get a shimano or something with a guarenteed warranty
  7. fishinguypat

    Weird sight

    I went out to a local lake Sunday night enjoying the weather on the water, not too much was biting to really post pictures about. Anyways, on my way back I check I stop by a bridge over-crossing the lake I fished, to see what was happening. On the way down to the bridge I see something in the bushes, which actually turns out to be two discarded bows with the fillets taken off. This didn't make sense since rainbows are not native to this fishery, also that the bows were actually steelhead looking to be pushing 7-8 pounds. This seemed very weird to me why they would even be there in the first place considering this area was at least an hour from every great lake.
  8. fishinguypat

    Going out tomorrow

    I'm gonna go out tomorrow morning to try and get some bass within an hour of K-W area... can anyone give me a heads up or pm me? any help appreciated guys
  9. fishinguypat

    40+ lber caught in lake O yesterday

    A friend of mine caught a 34 lber this week but wasn't registered in the tourney.. the big boys are out there
  10. fishinguypat

    Not Cool, Very Cool

    Fishing with people who don't like to fish... you're gonna have a bad time
  11. fishinguypat

    Smokers...need a reccommendation

    suggestion? make your own
  12. fishinguypat

    2012 IN REVIEW

    2012 ain't over yet mang!!
  13. fishinguypat

    Calling all Catfish experts

    Have the boys in the lab do an autopsy
  14. fishinguypat

    izumi signs with abu garcia

    Yup, its all about the King Harolds
  15. fishinguypat

    What Do You Guys Think ?

    I think he wanted to be eaten