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  1. Yah that's the thing I want to avoid. 20 lbs is overkill for me as I like to spend most of my time outside the hut :). Just like a spot to warm up when I need to.
  2. Just finished hooking up my new Little Buddy Propane heater to a 5 lbs. tank. So easy to move around and doesn't take up a lot of space. Fired it up and it worked great. Better than hauling around a 20 lbs tank. Should be interesting to see how well it heats my insulated Otter pop up.
  3. Went straight out of Goderich yesterday and fished in 85-95' of water. Caught a nice 5 lbs Rainbow and a 19" Walleye. Marked lots of fish throughout the water column. Great morning on the water. Anyone else fishing this area. Wondering how others have been doing. Only saw one other boat.
  4. We have done a lot of fly ins and for me a portable fish finder was very useful. Being in a remote lake is a great experience and having the fish finder made the task of finding the fish a lot easier. Spoons such as the 5 of Diamonds has always been a big producer for pike. Also William Wobblers. For the walleye we had our best luck with white jig heads and green or yellow twister tails tipped with a worm or minnow. Depends on the lake. You'll love the experience and the stars at night reflecting on the lake are amazing.
  5. I launch my fishing Kayak in Auburn below the south side of the bridge as well as the marina in Goderich.
  6. The LCBO in Pickle Lake was our first stop after getting off the plane. We've been up there 4 times now and love the area. Best fishing we've ever seen. Lots of wildlife this trip as well. Bears, caribou, eagles.
  7. The boat is a 18' Kingfisher. They are new this year. Come with 50 hp Yamahas
  8. Just got back from a fly in to Old Post Lodge On Lake St Joseph near Pickle Lake. First time up there this early. Usually go in July when it's warmer. Fishing was amazing. The guide put us on Walleye and Pike very day. Didn't seem to matter where we went we caught fish. I walked to the back of the island the lodge is on and fished off the rocks. Caught and released 35 Walleye in 1 1/2 hours. Best ever back there. Was cold a few days in the morning but we dressed for it. Definitely a great place to go if you like to fish.
  9. We went to Rice Lake for 10 years and stayed at a resort and spent the week fishing. When we started going there, you could catch big Bluegills without even trying. At that time people were taking home coolers full of them and I couldn't believe that they could do that. We watched people with a production line in the fish cleaning station vacuum sealing them by the thousands. It was like that for years and then the ministry finally put a limit on them. I think it is now 300. At that rate it's no wonder the population has seemed to dramatically decreased.  

  10. Thanks Bowslayer. I know the lighthouse and depending how cold it is I don't mind the walk. I like to move around and with a 2 man Clam it's not that bad. Sounds like it's going to be great ice making weather up there so counting down the days.
  11. I was one of the smart ones. kept our beer in creeks and never got caught with it in the car. Huron County... Home of the gravel run
  12. Hello Nick. We are staying at a hotel near Sunset Park. It looks to be on the water. May try that as well. We were about 5 blocks from the main part of the storm. Lost a couple of sections of fence, that's all. I work at the Salt Mine and we'll be ages getting everything put back together. Town sure looks different with over 1000 trees missing. I'm originally from the big town of Brussels Thanks for asking and the info
  13. Thanks Kevin. I know the docks. We usually troll along the front of the point in the summer and out to the A frame. Our friends cottage is at Green Roads. I see that a lot of the operators are out by the A frame. Looking forward to going.We usually do Cooks Bay on Simcoe but it's just got to the point of being able to walk on it so we're going to wait a couple of weeks before we head there. Tight lines to everyone
  14. We're heading up to North Bay from goderich next weekend and was wondering if anyone could tell me where a good place to park the car and walk out onto the ice. i've fished Callendar Bay quite a bit in the summer but always stayed at a friends cottage. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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