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  1. Thanks to all for your replies. I realize that lots of cottages are requiring minimum of one week rental. But I will make a few calls and maybe more googling.
  2. Hi all, Hope everyone is having a fun long weekend so far. We will have guests over between June 20 to June 30, and I am looking to rent a cottage for about 3 nights and take them fishing. Ideally it's within 3 hours of driving from GTA and has great fishing, quantity matters more than quality, species doesn't really matter, bass/walleye/musky or anything that might bite. I will be bring my own boat. Any advice will be appreciated!
  3. Thanks again for all the additional tips. I don't think I know how to balance the wheels myself. Might have to send it to the dealer unless someone can tell me it's easy to do.
  4. Thanks. That's even closer than the Outer Banks area.
  5. Awesome! Thanks OhioFisherman for the link. That will be very helpful for me to get to know the lake. Too bad I won't be there this April to catch those lunker bass.
  6. Yes I think it's about 3 hr drive to the Outer Banks. I have no idea if my Lund can be used in salt water though, even if it can, I have to stay real close to shore due to its size.
  7. I am mainly after bass, but I will take Striper and Catfish any day, especially big ones . We are planning to buy a house in Chapel Hill, so Jordan lake should be very close.
  8. Thanks again for all your valuable suggestions. I can always count on your guys for tips every time I need it. Best forum with so many knowledgeable members who are willing to share!
  9. Wow 6000kms! Did you have any trouble at all with the bearings and tires on the trip?
  10. By the way, I trust our U.S cousins are wise enough not to elect Trump. If they do, Canada should build a wall along the border to stop American refugees
  11. Thanks to all for your suggestions. It's good to know that some of you have done it and it's not a NO-NO. I am planning to replace the 2 tires and repack the bearings myself. So hopefully I am good there. Yes the Enclave comes with a towing package. I will try not to load anything on the boat or the Enclave when towing. The move is due to a change in work and will be paid in USD. I am moving to North Carolina (RTP region). Not sure how the fishing will be there though, they don't have as many lakes as we do here.
  12. Greetings all, I am moving to the U.S from Toronto soon and am planning to tow my 1725 Lund boat with me. One way distance is about 1300 km. A couple of questions for you guys: 1) Has anyone towed boat this far and what should I be watching out for. Towing vehicle is a Buick Enclave. 2) Does anyone have an opinion on whether I should sell the boat here and then buy another one down south, or simply tow it to the U.S? Thanks in advance!
  13. Not sure about the legality of this, but love that "hook-setting"...
  14. Good point. Looks like CAA Plus does not cover boat though. Might have to go up one level to Plus RV membership.
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