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  1. CrowMan You make a good point. I still have a gift certificate from my local guy (Steve in Lambeth) I am shopping for grandkids who live in south africa so you see my dilemma. It is hard to get there to shop around.
  2. Pflueger and quantum are my brands. They are marked “made in China”.
  3. Hi Has anyone had any experience with chinese brand spinning reels? Are there any "better" brands to look for?
  4. I have been using senkos for about 10 years. Yum dingers did not work. Watermelon cream is my go to in the river, Black for ponds and bubble gum in the lake around the Bruce peninsula. They catch fish when others around me get nothing. at a buck each they are far cheaper than any hard lure
  5. Jayco Jayfeather 226 2010 View Advert 24 ft travel trailer. Everything works well. New tires last year. Brakes checked last year. Ready to go camping $11,000. Advertiser aws Date 06/01/2019 Price 11,000.00 CAD Category Miscellaneous Classifieds
  6. from the free press "In other news, recreational retailer SAIL will anchor the proposed PenEquity development south of Highway 401, just west of Wellington Road."
  7. yes very cool. They sure are slow this time of year
  8. So Stupid me. I was using a 20 v cordless dewalt drill trying to cut a 6" hole in 24 ga steel. The hole saw caught, my hand twisted and i snapped a tiny tendon in my left thumb. Diagnosis - arthritic thumb. Pain every time i use it. Sugery might help no guarantees. So buy the plate attachment. Dont use a small drill on a big hole.
  9. I usually cut the spinal cord behind the head. They filet easy after that
  10. Anyone had any luck today? Are the walleye anywhere close?
  11. We usually camp in Ontario provincial parks with a small trailer and a canoe. Camping in Michigan's state parks costs about half. How do the state parks compare to our provincial parks for camping? Any good ones for fishing?
  12. So is your rod for up to 1 oz ? light action? recommended make?
  13. Hey I'm new to trout fishing from the Georgian bay shore. I want to get a long spinning rod but I need some direction. Fisherman on the shore today are using 6 lb test and float roe from a 1 oz sinker.
  14. Parker Plastics on Clarke road in London
  15. I had timbrens installed on my 93 Dakota that carried around a ton of tools. They kept it up and stable. Highly recommended
  16. Now you need a few hours alone on a deserted lake to learn how to remove bird nests. Good luck!!
  17. spinnerbaits worked well on the thames and lake fanshawe for pickeral too
  18. The Thames is open in a lot of spots around London. When do the eyes make it up here? Has anyone caught anything in the last week?
  19. thanks guys. I'll look them all over.
  20. Any suggestions on a good fishing location with camping? Georgian bay area? I'm dreaming about a week in the summer.
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