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  1. Dutch


    Hey bud! Hope the move went well. I dont get to this forum too often anymore. Glad to see an old OFC friend back at it! Sell the place on Belmont? I have fished it a tonne since that first time with ya, but never did as well as the one night at dusk with the smallies hitting those top waters! Non stop action and nice ones too. I still tell (true) stories about that night. Take care bud. I heard the fishing is good on the River there. Go get 'em.
  2. I agree, the garbage is terrible and the few have ruined it for the many. They could have dealt with the actual issue, the garbage and enforcement of the already existing bylaw rather than banning access to the water. Were gonna see a lot of people fishing from dingies slighly off shore to get around the access issue and still have to deal with the garbage. They are simply moving the problem to another shore fishing spot. Im against limiting access to fishing even though I know people making the mess are the pigs causing the ban.
  3. Gas excise tax should go down as well as gas prices then since we are essentially paying for water and not fuel.
  4. I'm extremely dissapoointed about this decision. It essentially takes fishing rights away from Ontario residents. They have essentially banned fishing by limiting access to the County owned land surrounding the Causeway. If anyone sees a way this ban can be challenged, please contact me. I would gladly risk a fine if there is a legit chance to beat the ban in a legal challenge. I hope those that littered are held accountable at the next fishing spot they intend to overrun, probably Gannons Narrows. http://www.thepeterboroughexaminer.com/2017/12/06/peterborough-county-council-bands-fishing-from-the-causeway-to-combat-garbage-issue
  5. Very sorry for your loss. Deepest condolences.
  6. Edges are tough to find sometimes. Plug the gaps and holes with a flippin jig and pig. Pop it once or twice, rinse and repeat.....a bunch. Keep it wet. Eventually a fish will hit it. Need to find green weed.
  7. I use Seaguar 14 pound test. I used vanish before that and hared it.
  8. I use dollar store crazy glue with texas rigged senkos. Dont see why that wouldnt work with grubs. Rig the grub, pull it down from the head a bit, couple of drops of glue, then thread the grub back up. Glue cures real fast. Added benefit is using the pill type bottle the tubes of glue come in the store hooks. I use the glue that comes 3-4 small tubes to a bottle.
  9. Was it me or was Roussey trying to box an Olympic medal winning boxer. She was over-confident and out classed standing up. Rematch will be good to see.
  10. Not questioning the source of the info, just the measurement by the computer. Thats 28.685 mpg - there's just no way thats realistic.
  11. I remember back to one of the first debates where Mulcair just kept saying "what's the number, Justin." It was comical and Trudeau nenver, ever mentioned what his number was. Facts are facts - the vast majority of people/families identify themselves as middle class, even if they aren't. That's part of how shady and aloof this guy is. Can't be trusted.
  12. The most important thing to me as a voter is the economy. Harper's government has done a remarkable job weathering us through the worst Global economic downturn in history. If not for this oil issue recently, which was not created by any decisions made in this country, our economy would be booming. I heard a radio spot the other day that Trudeau was touting his economic plan as he was the only one that was willing to carry a deficit in his first few years, touting debt as a positive thing...lol. Just like saying the budget will balance itself and the economy will grow from the heart. This guy cant be for real. Hes in Wynnes back pocket too...and look what she has done to this Province lately...yikes. If you value the economy, theres only one choice.
  13. Everybody is taking that article for fact. It doesnt even say or confirm why the firing took place. Also the timing of the article is suspect. We dont know the political leanings of the author, although I can guess from the tone. Vote for the conservatives due to their record on the economy which is the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of this election. Their record on the environment is not great, but the Liberal and NDP policies on the economy are attrocious!
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