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  1. hutch4113

    Moon River Basin

    Nice looking fish. I might be up there again in October (long weekend usually). I did find a lot of smallies out in the Islands last time, so if I am there will probably focus on that area again. Though I will still try for a Musky...that hunt will also continue.
  2. Have a 2006 Optimax 115 HP powerhead for sale. Hit a rock last year, which took out the skeg. When looking at getting it fixed this year, noticed that I had actually cracked the Leg higher up. Technically all one would have to do, it take it to an aluminum shop to weld. Everything else on the motor has been looked over (currently at St. Onge). I also ran it the weekend that I hit the rock, so know there is nothing mechanically wrong - but if you want to check it over, I have no issue on that. This can either be a part motor -> or as mentioned a fully functional engine with a little work. Not sure what to ask for it, so make me a reasonable offer. If it is more than St. Onge is going to give me for it, we will talk.
  3. I ended up switching brands. Got a excellent price on a new 135 HO e-tec. So going that route. From what I can see these are pretty impressive motors - though I know there will be some haters out there. Going to see if I can sell the Powerhead to my Optimax, which is in good shape.
  4. hutch4113

    Used boat shopping.

    If he is selling them, does he not look after that? That is what happened when I bought a US boat. When I picked it up it had all its new registration numbers, ownership, etc. By the way - where is this guy? I might be in the market for a new used boat myself. PM me if you could.
  5. I guess my other concern was, would the 115HP 4 Stroke, provide less performance than the 2 stroke it would replace.
  6. What can I say? I feel the need........the need for speed.....😁
  7. Ok. Will have to see what they say. I think the 150 still makes sense. The 41 mph is at WOT. If I can get that, but with fewer RPM's because of a larger motor, it might be a win. The original boat test videos I watched for my boat all had 150's on it - and it was part of the build package too. As such I would suspect it will handle it just fine. Appreciate all the input - giving me some things to think about.
  8. Actually power has been good, once I got it propped properly. With two people can get 40+ MPH out of it. I just don't have experience with the new 4 Stroke Motors. It appears that the new ones don't have the power/weight issues that old 4 Strokes had.
  9. Based on the cost to repair my motor, it appears to make more sense to get a new one. I have have contemplated upgrading before. Because my boat has a Merc - I will probably stick with it, as it is already wired, etc. for that brand. I may also go 4 Stroke (currently have a 115HP Optimax). I am doing some research on the 115HP with Command Thrust (4 Stroke) or just going to max HP and hang a 150 on is (that is the max rating for my boat). Anyone have experience with either motor? Boat is 18.2 feet - Aluminum. Would be interested to know what performance you are seeing, etc.
  10. hutch4113

    Info? - Crestliner 1850 Raptor - NF

    You are correct on deadrise - it is 17. It looks like a pretty solid boat - I think better built than my current boat (Smoker Craft Pro Mag 182). If I decide to go forward, will take it out for a test drive 1st. Thanks for the feedback. Will see if I can find that review as well.
  11. Hi Everyone, I might be looking at a new (to me) boat. Have a Crestliner 1850 Raptor that I am keeping an eye on - 200 HP Optimax. Anyone been in one of these? Looking for feedback on how it handles in rough water, thoughts on the build quality, etc. Anyone have a 200HP Opti? (I am running a 115 Opti - been a great motor). I can troll with my 115, so wondering if I can do the same with the 200HP (no kicker on the boat). Thanks in advance for the Feedback.
  12. hutch4113

    Damaged Lowerend - Mercury Optimax

    Thanks for the posts. Going to go the Insurance route.
  13. hutch4113

    Damaged Lowerend - Mercury Optimax

    It was. I thought I had taken out the Hull. My family heard it from the Island we were staying out, and came out to investigate.
  14. Hi Everyone, Looking for some assistance. At the end of the season, I hit a rock and damaged the Skeg. No biggie I thought, as I have access to someone who works with Aluminum. Finally able to pull the boat out this weekend, to get it addressed, and ready for the season. However after we took the Lower End off (which came off fine) we noticed that I had actually cracked the Aluminum further up as well - by the shifter. Any thoughts on what I should do to get it fix? And where I should take it? (Barrie, Ontario). I am not sure it will be a quick fix. I am checking with my Aluminum guy as well and will see. I was turning when I hit, so I am guessing that is why I have damage further up. Mechanically the motor works fine - I used it the rest of the weekend without issue. (By the way - what do I call that part of the motor?).
  15. Have a friend looking for a small lake that he can put his tinnie in - so he and his boys can fish for Walleye. Huntsville area -> North. If you know of any and can share, please PM me.