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  1. Hi Everyone, I am thinking of upgrading my HDS5 Gen 2, to a 7 model - Probably just a Gen3 in the same line. My question though is on the Transducer, and if I would have to change that out to go to the next model. I also have a LSS1. If anyone can assist, let me know. Thanks in advance. Adam
  2. You are correct - I misread the news article.
  3. So far I love my Evinrude - so it was disappointing to see the BRP is ending the line (I am on 2.5 seasons with a G1 135HO). They have sold it entirely to Mercury - so it will be interesting to see what happens. But perhaps you can get a great deal on a clearance Evinrude?
  4. Hi Everyone, I am planning on taking my Dad through the Trent Portion of the waterway. Neither one of us have done that entire section - and with everything that is happening, I have time. We are looking to leave next week, from either Barrie, or Beaverton, depending on the Weather. Will be taking my 18 Foot Boat, which can average 40+ mph in the fast sections. I am trying to figure out how far we can get each day - but also to make sure we have a place to stay (Marina and/or hotel with docking). Has anyone done this trip all the way to Trenton? It appears if I am calculating correctly, that we can do it in 3 days (if there are no issues). Day one the plan would be to get as far as Young's Point. Day Two - to Campbellford. Day 3 - to Kingston (have family there). Any tips, experiences, etc. would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hey everyone. Friend and are (or were) planning on going out on Pigeon on Monday - but have heard a rumor that some of the lakes up there already have ice on them? Anyone know if the Launch at Nogies Creek is open? Any help would be great. Sorry for the short notice.
  6. I am used to the proper IN/OUT rules at a boat launch - so the Tiffin Launch in Barrie always drives me crazy. I hate it when people dock at the launch, and then go get their vehicle - which is now behind the line up of those wanting to launch - but of course their boat is blocking access. Now in fairness - the design of that launch is horrible - and docking off to the side is not always available. Having said that, my story was a late evening. There were about 4 boats ahead of me waiting to be pulled out. So I docked at the side, and waited. About 30 minutes later, I see two boats roaring down the bay, and said to my wife, just you watch - they are going to dock at the launch. It was my turn coming up so got the truck in the lane - and when ready backed it in. As I got out, the wife in one of the boats (who are now parked/blocking the launch ramp) said "Excuse me - but we need to pull our boats out". I said I had been here for 30 minutes already - pointed to my boat and proceeded to walk away. Pulled the boat over to load (it drives on real nice) and they were still sitting in my way. I just sat there waiting - until they finally clued in and moved. I was in/out in under a minute. Launched at Innisfil the other day (what a much better system - and they even had Police there, I guess because they knew it would be busy) and have always seen a large line up of people standing at the railing. I figured they were watching people, but was not 100% sure. Anyway after launching a Lady remarks to me - well that was no fun - where was the Drama ?. So confirmed what I thought - they go there to watch the often highly rated Gong Show.
  7. Update on the motor so far - love love love it. One of the nice things about it is the noise, particularly at low idle. It has a real nice note. Trolled with it this past week - all day, every day - never had a problem. It maintained a nice constant speed. Running it this year with a SS Viper. Hitting 5900 on the RPM at WOT. Maxes out with two people at 43.5 mph. However more impressive is when I have six people in boat. Hole Shot is still under 5 seconds - and we hit 41 to 42 MPH at WOT which was really impressive.
  8. I will be going with Happy Days myself - for the first time. Leaving in a couple of weeks. Really looking forward to it.
  9. It appears that my pedal just bit the dust as well. Glad you posted this, as the symptoms appear the same. Not getting full thrust - and now no turns to left or right. I am debating a new Pedal - or going with Co Pilot. How as the Pedal run for you, now that you have had it for a while?
  10. When I was in the Area last October, I tried for muskie and pike, and then gave up. Started hunting around any rock shoal/small island I could find in GBAY. Got into a lot of Small Mouth that way, which was a lot of fun. I was throwing spinners and crank baits.
  11. Thanks. Always nice to see someone catching there. I am usually in the area, October Long Weekend - and don't have much success.
  12. I've pretty much switched to Vibrax. I started finding the build quality of Mepps to not be that great anymore. The shaft often bends to easily, and the spinning action stops.
  13. With my old engine...2006 optimax...I never fogged it. Ran stabil at end of year...and put it away (after changing the lower unit oil). It was stored in a shelter...etc. Never had a problem. But that was only my experience. Others may have had issues with a motor seizing....so it may come down to peace of mind. My new ETEC has a self "fog"...injects more oil into the cylinder. So I did that this year, since it is part of the motor anyway.
  14. I have used Bounce Sheets since I started storing my boat. Got that from people that used them in their RV's. I put them all throughout the Boat. I have never had Mice - but no idea if the Bounce Sheets are actually doing anything. However - my Dad's boat was next to mine in Storage - and he had mice in the Motor casing (because of the sound insulation). No bounce sheets in his boat - so take it for what it is worth.
  15. Got to try the winterization feature on Friday. Figured since I may not make it out again - and I was on the water - why not. Have to say - it is a GREAT feature. Wonder why it took so long for someone to build it into the Engine. Took about 2 minutes - motor is fogged. The bonus is, if I want to go out again, I just go. I can run the process again when I am done.
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