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  1. hutch4113


    I've pretty much switched to Vibrax. I started finding the build quality of Mepps to not be that great anymore. The shaft often bends to easily, and the spinning action stops.
  2. With my old engine...2006 optimax...I never fogged it. Ran stabil at end of year...and put it away (after changing the lower unit oil). It was stored in a shelter...etc. Never had a problem. But that was only my experience. Others may have had issues with a motor seizing....so it may come down to peace of mind. My new ETEC has a self "fog"...injects more oil into the cylinder. So I did that this year, since it is part of the motor anyway.
  3. I have used Bounce Sheets since I started storing my boat. Got that from people that used them in their RV's. I put them all throughout the Boat. I have never had Mice - but no idea if the Bounce Sheets are actually doing anything. However - my Dad's boat was next to mine in Storage - and he had mice in the Motor casing (because of the sound insulation). No bounce sheets in his boat - so take it for what it is worth.
  4. Got to try the winterization feature on Friday. Figured since I may not make it out again - and I was on the water - why not. Have to say - it is a GREAT feature. Wonder why it took so long for someone to build it into the Engine. Took about 2 minutes - motor is fogged. The bonus is, if I want to go out again, I just go. I can run the process again when I am done.
  5. Thanks for the tips. The G1 has a separate Oil Tank - will be interesting to see if it does the same thing. I have not received my Warranty Info yet. I was told it would come by mail - but may have to follow up with where I purchased it from. Not sure how they can deny warranty based on a Propeller - but good to check it out. I have ordered the BRP Diagnostic Software and cable. Hopefully I will get it before the season ends, so I can do out and do another prop test. I am not 100% convinced my Tach is showing me the right numbers. I can run the motor with a Laptop connected to verify. Right now my slip numbers are coming in around 22% which seems awfully high. I can't see what else can be done - the cavitation plate is on the surface at full trim.
  6. Oh...we fished them 1st....but nothing was hitting for us that day sadly.
  7. They have icon gauges...which I believe are similar. I did not look to heavily into it, so not sure what features it has. Ya...the trolling option it pretty slick.
  8. Have not seen too many posts on this motor, so thought I would share my impressions in case anyone is looking at it. Model is a G1 ETEC 135HO with 25 inch shaft. Estimated run time since new -> 5 hours. Sound First things first - this motor sounds great. I was used to the higher pitch from my old Optimax, so was not sure what to expect. However this motor sounds entirely different, with a Low Warble. The difference a V6 Block makes from a V4 is probably one of the reasons. This Motor sounds strong. Even at WOT, it is great to listen to (if you like that sort of thing of course). Volume This thing is quiet!!!! The Optimax was pretty quiet at low idle as well - but this new motor blows it away. But at WOT is where it is really impressive. The Opti would scream at WOT (it was not a bad scream - 😎) which made conversation a little difficult - more yelling then anything. The ETEC is barely louder than the wind noise, which makes conversation much easier. Installation/Look So far I have had several compliments on how nice it looks. The color (Dark Grey) and lettering, etc. really look nice. I also like that the Oil Container is separate from the Motor itself. It does take a bit of storage away, but where I have it was for spare propellers anyway - and they still fit. Performance Motor flat out rocks. Hard to compare to the old Opti as the new motor has at least 30 more HP. I also never experimented much with Propellers on the old motor, so not really sure I had the best Propeller on it, for that type of Motor/Boat combo. However with the OEM Aluminum and ETEC the hole shot is scary quick. The Trim System is also a little different, but as I am getting used to it, it is nice. I now have a Turning Point Hustler 14.25 x 21 P installed. Ran it a couple of days - and this combo really sings. With 3 people in the boat, even in chop I was getting close to 46mph. Pretty sure with two and calm surface I might hit 48. May not even look at a Stainless Steel propeller as I am not sure it will beat the performance. Trolling I would have to say the Opti did a better job at trolling. It is not that the ETEC is bad - more that I have a hard time finding the sweet spot with the throttle. It might be more that the new controls are still stiff - so getting it to a nice speed involves a little more trial and error than I am used to. But it does troll at a nice speed once I get it set properly. Other things Cannot comment on Oil Usage yet, as I am still in the Break in Period - where it will use a lot. I have basically gone through two jugs. From what I understand once break in is done, that will drop dramatically. Fuel consumption has also been higher - getting mixed reports on if that is also because of break in or not. However more HP = use more Gas. I also cannot speak to reliability. I have had one alarm go off (no oil). But after turning the motor off - checking the tank, etc. the Alarm shut off, and has not come back. Over long term I hope it will be a good engine - but I have a 7 year warranty with it, so not going to worry to much. At the end of the day it puts a silly grin on my face every time so far 😁. If you are looking to re-power I would take a serious look at it. 20181006_175600.mp4
  9. Nice. Have not made it up there yet this year - hope to before the season closes.
  10. My best results have been out through the straight, and into G'bay. Last year I had lots of smallies, all around any rock/shoal that you could fine - at the same time of year. I believe it was warmer however. I did get some Pike follows as well, and hooked up on a couple - nothing really big though. Look for my posts, I am pretty sure I put some of the pictures up. I have yet to catch anything in Moon River and/or Blackstone. I am pretty sure I did get a musky strike one year trolling - as the Twister tail I was running on a lure came back - without the tail. Let us know how you do. I keep trying - won't be up there this year unfortunately, or probably would have seen you on the water.
  11. Going to be heading out on Saturday out of Kempenfelt. Two part really - 1st is to test a new Prop. But once that is out of the way, going to fish for the day. Probably head up towards Orillia and/or go down to Cooks Bay. Not looking for your Hot Spots - more of a general idea of what the fish are doing (of course if you want to share some areas, feel free to do so 😁). This will be my 1st time fishing on it this year, so definitely out of practice.
  12. Wondering if anyone was using this prop on your motor. Would like some feedback, etc. Performance on these sound close to Stainless Steel, though I am sure it won't be as good. Might decide to stick with Aluminum if this make is any good. Would be going with a 14.5 19P most likely. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions. It was a cartridge style, and once I figured out how to pop it out, it was easy. Motor was fine - there was some fishing line wrapped around wheel, which is why the breaker was popping 😬. I wonder who left fishing line in the Bilge 🙄
  14. I tried out my Aluminum Prop on the weekend. Hole Shot was almost scary - top end was actually 1 or 2 KM faster than the SS I had. However the Aluminum was smaller diameter (though same pitch). I think I like the larger diameter prop - the entire boat felt way more stable at high speed, then with the Aluminum (it is supposed to be my backup prop anyway). This will be due to the larger surface area, which can bite more water - and I think the weight of the prop too. There are some cons too it as well - when I slow down, it is like putting your face through the windshield -> and turning to the Right is much more difficult, but I think I can correct that with adjusting the fin on the motor slightly. I am trying a different style of SS - maybe this weekend. But pretty sure I am going to order the Large Diameter Rebel - but at a 17P instead of a 19P, so I can get the RPM's maxed out where they should be. Then when I add people and/or equipment, I will be in the proper range for the motor to work. 72KM/H in this boat is plenty fast enough 😎, as I have discovered.
  15. That is correct - I am in the range. However if I start adding weight to the boat (i.e more people, which I do quite often) I will fall out of the range. From the reading I have done, you want to get as close to the red line as you can. Figure dropping down a pitch on the bigger prop will do nicely. Hole Shot was not the greatest either.
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