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  1. The first Mustang "anti exposure suit" i had lasted 25 years ,untill the stuffing literally fell apart. I personally like the 1 piece suit. If you are boating there is no point in getting the non approved suits as you still need to wear a PFD (or have one available) I got stopped by the RCMP on Lake Ont in Nov walleye fishing....he grilled me about life jackets and was going to write me up for no PFD as all i have are the inflatable type. When i explained that the suit i was wearing was a Mustang and MOT approved he had no clue,never saw one. This was a bit surprising as all the other enforcement dept have them. The bottom line is they may save your life ...but they will find you in any case
  2. Selling a Lowrance 9 inch G3, complete with new transducer, Mint shape No Waypoints included....$1200.00 Kingston I will include the 3 in 1 transducer for an extra $200
  3. You sir are right ...it was very tricky and really tiring. hate to say it but we pulled lines 35 minutes before we said we were. we had enough
  4. I have 2 Evinrude props (Stainless) that were on my 250 HO. They are both Rebel models . 1 is a 3x15 1/4 19 pitch and the second is 3x15 1/4 21 pitch. Both in brand new condition with the hubs and in boxes. I am asking $300. Each or $550. For both. Located in Kingston.
  5. I have 2 nets but with the RS net i have you can take a hook out in seconds so no issue, i checked the ramp before i went out, oddly enough i did have to break ice coming back one day in November, Jan 1st it was wide open. Water temp was 39
  6. So....I do a lot of boat wiring, The worst thing is electric tape. If you use marine grade wire it will not corrode. The absolutely best way is to use the appropriate size ring terminals and you can crimp them on AND then solder them should you want. Absolutely use quality heat shrink ( the kind that has the sealant ) My biggest concern with your plan ( I may have missed it but read it twice ) is that your motor is always going to have power to it. I would install a breaker for sure for safety and to eliminate motor or GPS draw. Also don't most manufacturers want the motor NOT connected to power when charging. Do it right once and you will never have to worry
  7. I am uploading videos to my channel now, Jim Lyon Fishing. Should be there soon
  8. Sorry ...i should have mentioned they were all Lakers, we don't get Salmon here in Kingston
  9. Last minute decision this AM to head on the lake proved to be a great call from Jim Lyon. We launched at 10am and were back at the dock at 330. We ran 4 lines, 2 copper rigs and 2 boards with snap weights, all with spoons. With 8 fish in the first hour we knew it was going to be a good day. We pulled lines after another triple header cleaned our spread and headed in finishing 31/38 on the day. Average was easily 11-12lbs and the biggest was 18.5. Speed seemed to matter and needed to be 1.7-1.9 on the gps. Pretty awesome to be fishing open water in January.
  10. On my casting reels (Revo SX) i bet i don't have 100 feet of line. I'm casting Walleye at night so don't need much.
  11. Why not use backing? All my reels are Tekotta 300 and they are all 3/4 full with cheap 15lb line then 400 feet of 30 lb braid. I also just splice 100 feet of new braid on when it gets worn...hey times are tough
  12. Well i fish Erie and Lake Ontario, i don't like long rods (easier to net fish with short rods) i have 8 of the 7 foot 1 piece Ugly Stik in Both med and mh they are indestructible, you need a good reel with the line counters. I have the Tekotta 300 LC on all my rods but have 2 of the Okuma Coldwater 203D and for the price an excellent choice. As far as boards everyone has the Offshore brand but once you upgrade to the tattle flags and clips they are pricey (Franks great outdoors has the best deal on the boards with the upgrades) in 20 years i have lost 2 boards and because i put my name on them i got 1 back so its not like you are buying them yearly. I second the Scotty riggers, can't go wrong with them. Where were all you guys when i sold my Rigger Sticks? Don't buy cheap crap....in the end it only costs you more when you upgrade to the stuff you should have bought the first time.....nice boat, enjoy
  13. I just did, bought a 2020 Ranger 621 and it has the 300 G2. I like the 2 strkes and have a very good mechanic if i need him. They have to have parts, they just can't leave all the owners hanging...i would assume that would be a huge lawsuit.
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