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  1. These are great tires. They are an all season tire with a snow rating. I had them on my last truck and they were great. I will be getting them once my tires from the new truck wear enough to replace. http://ca.coopertire.com/Tires/Light-Truck/Discoverer-X-T-sup-4-sup.aspx
  2. They have ruined my dad’s house and land! They are all around his place.. All I hear in the bush hunting now is WHOOSH, WHOOSH... Every 3-5 seconds. My head hurts everytime I go hunting there. Now a 230Kv is being run 60' behind his house, no matter how much he has fought them!!! There seems to be no rules for these yahoos that just want to destroy the rural communities.
  3. I was just up in Callander Bay last weekend, fishing was great! Between 5 of us we caught 75 picks, 6 pike, 16 perch and 2 whiteys.
  4. Thanks for the heads up Joeytier.
  5. Sounds like it will be a little rough out there for my trip up this weekend!! We are using sleds and a ATV so it shouldn't be too bad. Need some snow to cover to smooth it out! Can't wait to hit the ice Friday morning...
  6. All kids should know how the food gets to their plates! My 3 help or watch with everything from chickens, deer, bear, bullfrogs, squirrels, ducks, geese, rabbits and fish. They love to eat it all too.
  7. If you choose a compound bow, there is a lot you need to do before you can just get one and go hunting! You would be best to (if you choose compound) not to hunt big game this year, too much practice is needed to make a clean kill. Enter some 3-d shoots and get used to getting your yardage down. Practice is the key and a good mentor if you can find one. Please don't rush into it, it all takes time, practice and knowledge.
  8. With the long weekend coming, please keep your eyes open! If you see anything that the police are looking for give them a call. I know this man and used to see him every day, my kids always enjoyed talking to him as I did also. Thanks http://london.ctvnews.ca/search-continues-for-missing-eugenia-man-1.1428731
  9. Nobody can give me an update on the ice?? Just want to know how thick the ice is over to fox and if it is safe to bring my snowmobile.
  10. Hi, just wondering how the ice is out from IBP on simcoe, I am heading out on Sunday I want to make sure it is ok to bring the sled to get to laker grounds. Thanks in advance. Jay
  11. Congrats on the bear. Sure they do good work, but I had mine done by a guy for less than half of that and it looks identical. He does great work and a lot cheaper. If you have pets don't have that rug on the floor!
  12. On hunting trips, there has been SO many times that I have come out of the bush with only one sock on or tree bark in my crack!! But never had to do it on the ice....Yet The stories I have to tell my children!! LOL
  13. Decent young bucks you guys got, glad to see you filled your tags. I know around by where I hunt it was crazy with shots this year, but I still managed to fill my tag too Congrats
  14. Nice Bull you got there, congrats. Now you need to make room for the mount!!! I miss swamp donkey hunting, can't wait untill next year we are doing another fly-in.
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