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  1. I could see an inexperienced fisherman unknowingly walking on unsafe ice. But it's complete stupidity for an experienced angler to knowingly go on such unsafe ice. Not only did he put his dog at risk, he also put himself, his buddy, and first responders at risk if things went bad. Glad everyone is safe, but talk about poor decisions.
  2. I agree. Not a single person on the planet can simply look at oil and make the determination if it's still good just because it "looks good". Broken down oil can still look fine, but that broken down oil will also contain trace amounts of your engine parts that are being prematurely worn due to inadequate lubrication. There's a reason oil testing is so common, it's the only way of knowing if your oil is doing its job. An oil change is a miniscule fraction of the cost of an engine rebuild....
  3. If you Google "Application of HST to core charges" you will see how CT was right and you are wrong with examples for different scenarios. Do you really think a large chain like CT would be ripping off customers with illegal activities with likely hundreds of parts with core charges sold daily from their stores? Honestly, you sound like the typical grumpy old man with an attitude problem who thinks everyone is out to rip you off. I can only imagine how unpleasant it was for the employees to deal with you. Send me your email and I will EMT the $1.30 that you believe was stolen from you.
  4. Last week on Simcoe I used my 5 year old Ridgid with 6" fin bore III using original blades to drill over 20 holes through 20"+ ice without switching batteries. Milwaukee drills are nice, but definitely not a requirement and neither are brushless drills. Unless you're using some dollar store drill, smoke or a burnt out drill means you need to work on technique. I modded the Clam adapter to hold a modified spark plug socket, which stays attached and slides into the auger drill, so I can use the drill to install and remove my ice anchors quickly. The gas units are too heavy for this kinda thing. As for a gas unit not running properly, replacing the gas lines and spark plug and adjusting the carb usually solves the issue on newer units. It seems many new small engine have gas lines that dry and crack very quickly and most are running too lean to meet emissions. The gas powerhead you were using which overheated, was it being fed the right mix of gas/oil? I'd think yours was running too lean if it overheated as you should be able to hold the throttle wide open while burning through multiple tanks of fuel without it overheating. Just think of how many 2 stroke weed eaters, chainsaws and quick cut saws are run at full throttle for hours and hours all season without overheating...
  5. Might I suggest using a quality snatch block intended for winching which makes it impossible for the cable to get caught up anywhere. Cheap blocks or homemade rigs are a pain in the butt and can be dangerous. It takes a significant amount of inattention to damage a winch or cable while plowing to the point where I would question the individuals ability to safely operate said ATV. Winch out until blade hits ground, stop. Winch in until blade is high enough, stop. Repeat. Quite complicated indeed. You should take video of your guys at work!
  6. It can be quite difficult to reseat the bead, especially when mud and other crud prevents a good seal. Be sure to carry a ratchet strap to wrap around the tire and crank it down tight to help get the bead to seal. Or just get one of the guys to carry a portable air blaster for inflating tires and seating beads. A can of ether works too, but it always makes me nervous as ATV tires are low pressure. Another option is to carry a few tire spoons to get one side off the rim so you can jamb a tire tube in inflate a garbage tire. A couple times we've had to jam the tire full of long grass and leaves after sidewall blowouts to make it home. ?
  7. To relieve stress on the winch and cable while plowing you can attach a snatch block to the top of the blade then feed your winch line through the block then up to the rack. Makes it a straight pull so you're not wearing the winch cable. The snatch block comes in handy all year. Synthetic winch line is much easier to handle, does not draw blood like steel cables, and it floats. Hand/thumb warmers wired to work only when ignition is on. Pretty sure Can Am's won't run with a dead battery so adding a digital voltage meter is a cheap and easy way of monitoring the charging system and battery. I added one to the handle bars and is very small at roughly 1 1/2" x 1/2". Tree saver/recovery strap so you're not damaging trees with the winch line. Also useful for towing (do NOT use your winch for towing) and attaching the winch line to odd shaped or easily damaged objects. Front and rear hitch or tow strap. Aluminum skid plates for the frame and A-arms. Left hand throttle control, either Goldfinger or DIY option. One of the best mods added to an ATV. Basic tool kit with wire, pliers, knife, ratchet, screw drivers, zip ties, etc. Sometimes you'll need to remove whatever is left of a broken axle to continue riding, remove a spark plug to get water out of a swamped engine, switch batteries with a buddy who has a machine that will run without a battery, cut off wire or other junk people have left in the bush, etc.
  8. ch312

    Deer Bones

    I only save the lower leg bones with attached hooves for the dogs to chew on. Like the above poster, I am not a fan and don't know many people who are fans of deer stock.
  9. Odds are the woman knew what he was doing and played it off as an accident ? When climbing a tower you use a harness with two lanyards so as you climb there's never a time when you're not hooked on. Hook on #1, climb up a bit, hook on #2, detach #1, climb more, hook on #1, detach #2 and so on...
  10. Too many people fail to realize that Youtube is all about making money these days and people will go to great lengths to create realistic videos to earn more hits and $$$. Then there's those lazy and cheap buggers who resort to using clickbait to draw people to their usually boring or completely unrelated videos. Youtube is like TV. Little quality content and most is Bull.
  11. Thanks. The one we have that came with the house is about 1/2 that size so I guess it only makes sense to upgrade. Now, to work up the courage to strap on the harness and start climbing...
  12. I've poured the concrete base for a tower and helped the guys erect the tower afterwards. It is a very simple process and it took less than a half hour from start to finish to put up the tower pieces with us taking our time and being cautious as none of us had done it before. The guy found the free tower on Kijiji and had his buddy climb and piece together the tower. HTHM, what antenna are you running and is it on a tower? Most people think I am full of it when I tell them we watch HD on the antenna...
  13. If you go to findinternet dot ca you can see what's available in your area and it says Explornet wireless internet is available in Mono at $99 for 25mbps and 500gb limit. Ditch the home phone and add unlimited talk to a cell phone to make it your new "home phone", cancel cable, get Expornet and pay likely half what you're paying now. $340 x 12 = $4080 per year. That is insane. We have an antenna with a whopping 7 HD channels and use the wireless internet for Amazon Prime TV, YouTube and various streaming sites. Both of us were born and raised with cable and satellite TV so it was frustrating at first making the switch, but now we'd never consider going back to cable if we did move back into the city. If you ditch cable there are websites with fishing content for low prices. Fishing TV is great and you can pay for only specific shows or you can watch everything (maybe 150 shows with multiple episodes each) for $99/year. Many options for those who want to break free...
  14. Deer mice look kinda cute and usually jump away, so it must not have been one of those. Must have been an aggressive house mouse? Was he at head height or down by your tootsies when he made his move? Any estimate of how his skull would measure or how long his claws were? It's understandable if you're still too shaken to discuss the incident in detail....
  15. Devils advocate time... Is it really a scam when the customer chooses to sign papers without reading and fully understanding what they're signing? You admitted to not reading and understanding the contract you signed, something that is quite common when people are excited about buying a new vehicle and is likely something dealerships count on. I wouldn't call this a scam, I would call it taking advantage of people who don't exercise due diligence. It boggles my mind how many people are so eager to put their signature on legally binding paperwork without understanding what they're signing. According to an old highschool buddy at the dealership we bought an SUV from last year...."Most people don't even bother reading the contract, they just want to sign and drive away."
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