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  1. Wow. 14' on Nipigon. No offence but I wouldn't venture to far from shelter on that lake with a tinner. And without two engines. That lake eats boats lol.
  2. I wonder what insurance rates are for these guys. Can't be cheap for liability insurance as an ice hut operate I would think....if some even do carry it lol.
  3. I don't think anyone can honestly say that any ice over water is safe. "Safe ice" is a bit of an oxymoron. Saying "stuff happens" implies right there that no ice is safe.
  4. Wow. Glad everyone is ok. They are lucky though, and it's a sign for people to stay off the ice. I'll never understand people and their need to be the first on thin ice or venture out the farthest. Some of these YouTube videos are of guys ice fishing Simcoe on no more than two inches. Nuts.
  5. But if they make a forum for general discussion, there would be very little content in the fishing related section. Lol
  6. The era of fishing boards are gone to social media avenues. Now these boards are used for questions about, furnaces, fire places, trucks, cars, politics, home sales, advice on jobs and everything in between. Sad but true.
  7. Just bring your fishing rod and say you're going fishing.
  8. sounds like a good time. Curious though, are you allowed to have 7 people on a 16' boat? My boat is 18.5' and I'm only allowed 6.
  9. This is terrible news. Sorry to hear. I guess it's times like this that make light of the old saying it's better to ask for forgiveness then permission. You did nothing wrong by the way, and it's s shame considering you've taken all the right steps only to be essentially black mailed. Sometimes it's better to just do things without asking. Lol
  10. When I was at Radio World a few years back there was a big sale on those Elites. The employee did tell me at the time that for deep water they perform poorly. I went with the humminbird. Life's short, buy a good unit. Lol
  11. Like most lakes, spring and fall are always the best times. For that area is would be June and September. But I would seriously reconsider fishing nipigon in a 14 footer. That lake will eat you up really fast.
  12. Organic farmers do not use synthetic pesticides or herbicides. you are eating synthetic chemicals that are in your food. But you'll be ok I'm sure. Lol.
  13. I agree. On a fly fishing forum he would treated disrespectfully too. And I presume you are a feather head purist, which is why you called him out on your own presumptions. Elitist mentality on most feather heads I've bumped in to. Unfortunate to say the least.
  14. I second this. Lol. A think of few of these guys need to get a life.
  15. What is there really to think about? We should be buying the best quality food out there available to us. Eat in season. Grow your own garden. Ontario grown is best and organic non gmo as well. Don't eat a lot of meat, but when you do, eat meat and dairy that has been raised organically. Like I said earlier, Common sense is your best friend. Cows eat grass so why eat a steak that has been pumped with hormones and corn and all kinds of crap to get it as big as fast as possible. The main concern with everyone is more to do with the price of cleaner foods. The right way is always more expensive, and that analogy doesn't stop at food production. At the end of the day, it's your health and you do have choices.
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