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    On Balsam this week and really just targeting pike and bass so far. Cant complain about the action but besides a decent 3lb bass all the pike really small. I have caught over 15 “snot rockets” so far and only kept 3. 1 Wally 17” that got tossed back off Grand Island. South Bay pretty quiet along with Ant Island but shores to Coboconk busy. The provincial Park is next target. I know a lot here don’t target pike but we usually go for quantity over quality for a big fish fry on the weekend. Thursday or Friday will chase the wallys...
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    I would take a feed of smaller pike over a feed of walleye any day. Enjoy your fishing and a good fish fry.
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    More ugliness @ the cabin.
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    Had a rock do that on my big Yamaha 4 stroke. Replacing the heat exchanger was not a fun job. Book calls for 16 hours of labour to replace it. I took my time over the summer. Had to almost completely disassemble the dang thing. The only other issue I've had with my sled is the battery croaked this past winter. You would figure they would last longer then 12 years. 🙄
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