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Whiteclay Lake Trip Report 2023

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Another trip to Nakina and specifically a return to Whiteclay Lake with our wonderful hosts Jay & Sue of Boreal Forest Outfitter.

We arrived late Friday night June 2nd as we were heavily delayed in Kapuskasing on the drive up due to a serious accident and road closure.

Up at 4am and at the Nakina Air dock at 4:15am, yes 4:15!  We met up with Sue our host whom was also our pilot for the flight in. After a brief chat we were weighed up, said hello to Tracy and Greg and we were on the Otter and heading into Whiteclay. We landed on Whiteclay at 5:45 and the outbound crew was on the dock swatting mosquito’s as we taxied in.

Soon the Otter was taking off, we were unpacking gear and getting some breakfast and coffee going. A beautiful sunny day ahead we were soon on the lake, the earliest ever on our arrival day!

Lots of Pike and several Walleye visited our boats on Saturday.

Sunday proved to be another nice day with a brief shower thrown in to keep the dust down.  Very productive day as I caught a 43” Pike and my partner dragged in a 40” both at the mouth of the Raymond River.

Monday was a cool day, mostly overcast and we headed to the west end of the lake for the day. The 20hp motors were great for these long hikes and allowed us to visit spots we previously probably wouldn’t have. Great day at the west end with 2- 40”, 39”, 36” and bunch of smaller Pike caught, several Walleye including a nice chunky 24”.

Tuesday cool & overcast again to start, clearly up later in the day. This was Walleye day and all kinds boated at the little falls at the end of the Raymond River. Our other boat caught and released a 41” Pike near the mouth of the river and also lots of Walleye.

Wednesday started around 5 degrees Celsius and we headed East to the Gorge, a beautiful scenic trip with several Walleye and Pike caught on the troll.

Thursday was a little overcast but nice, spent time at the falls and the Raymond River as well as around the island directly in front of the camp and the long back bay behind the camp. A good productive day with all kinds of Pike ranging from 24” to 34” caught and released. Another nice supper of fresh Walleye to end the day.

Friday, our last day. One of the guys wanted to visit a sand bar he spotted at the NW end of the lake so off we went. Immediate upon arriving at this outcropping we trolled back in towards the bay and got into Pike one after another. Most were in the 25-30” range with Walleye mixed in. Trolling up through a narrows I caught a 41” Pike and after releasing him and resuming our troll, I hooked into a 38” Pike just minutes later. A great last day for sure with our new found hotspot with both of our boats catching lots of Pike and Walleye.

Alex arrived about 9:30am Saturday June 10th and provided a beautiful flight out and after chatting with Sue in Nakina we were once again heading home from another week of great fishing, great friends and good times.


Rob & the Walleye Wanderers

20230604_204809 (Small).jpg

20230607_210253 (Small).jpg

20230609_133956 (Small).jpg

20230610_093842 (Small).jpg

20230610_103548 (Small).jpg

Bear (Small).jpeg

IMG_2579 Jim Lintz (Small).jpeg

IMG_2600 Jim Lintz edit (1) (Small).jpg

John Pike (Small).jpg

RG Pike 2 (Small).jpg

RG Pike 3 (Small).jpg

whiteclay sunrise (Small).jpg

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The fishing tales from your days on the lake are epic! Landing those big pikes and walleyes must have been an adrenaline rush. That 43" pike sounds like a true trophy.It's also awesome that you explored new spots thanks to those trusty 20hp motors. Adventure knows no bounds, right? As for your last day, that sand bar discovery turned into a fishing jackpot! Hooking a 41" pike and a 38" pike back-to-back is the stuff of fishing legends. And for future adventures, if you're planning any flights, don't forget to check out some promo codes for flight bookings at https://www.firstordercode.com/coupons/flighthub.com

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