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Going fishing at 3 Mile Lake in early August 2022, advice requested


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Hey fellow fisherman, I will be spending a week on 3 Mile Lake, near Gravenhurst with a pontoon boat, in early August 2022. I've never been to the lake before, so I was hoping for a bit of guidance so I can prepare my tacklebox accordingly. I am a 100% catch and release angler, so I promise to leaving the lake as great a fishery as I find it in! I'm wondering about the lake - is it very clear or muddy, is it weedy or rocky or both, etc, and what colours and general types of lures (or live bait, as my wife will be using live bait only) work well for largemouth and smallmouth there. Any input and guidance so I can enjoy a bit of catch and release fishing with my wife for the week is extremely appreciated!

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