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Fishing + Hunting - Northern Ontario

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Hello guys, 


My name is Joel Theriault and I wanted to introduce my family’s tourism operation based in Northern Ontario, Canada (1 hour west of Timmins). We have a drive-in lodge, cottages, boat-in camps, and fly-in camps. We host all types of groups looking for outdoor adventures. Here’s a few of my pictures.


You can find us at www.airivanhoe.com


If you have any questions, please reach out!



Joel Theriault








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Myself and 7 buddies stayed at their place. We can't say enough about their operation.  They gave us a large room for the first night and then we went and stayed at a cabin up the river for the week.   Wish I could get back there some time.   Fishing was great.



ivanhoe fishing 2010 024.jpg

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Hey Joel:

Myself and 3 other avid fishing buddies are booked with you for the second week of Sept. 2021 at the Narrows. The excitement just keeps building in anticipation of this trip. This Covid thing has put a very large dent in everyone's ability to get out there so we are cranked to the max. Looking forward to meeting you in Sept. Stay safe!

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Well,  a couple of spots for you.

Try where the river enters the main lake.  Right at the  bend.  Drift with jigs and worms/minnows.

Go up river to the big wide section in the evening and toss surface lures.  Hold on.

Further upriver there is a rock cut.  drift through there as well.  just below and above there are some nice flats.  try casting in there. 


Have fun.

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Thank you very much for the info. I'm sure that we will use it as this trip will be our first time on Ivanhoe Lake so not familiar with that area at all. Really appreciate the advice!!!!

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2 other things..  What ever plan you have on liquid refreshments and ice,  double it.  It's a long haul for a refill. 

Also don't swim in the river    Leeches,  lots and lots of leeches !!!   The main lake might be ok but the river is loaded with them.   Take shower bags or re-usable grocery bags and put holes in the bottom.  We were using pots of water off the dock.


Have a good time.

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