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  1. Thanks again for the info and tips. We will be sure to follow your advise.
  2. Thank you very much for the info. I'm sure that we will use it as this trip will be our first time on Ivanhoe Lake so not familiar with that area at all. Really appreciate the advice!!!!
  3. Hey Joel: Myself and 3 other avid fishing buddies are booked with you for the second week of Sept. 2021 at the Narrows. The excitement just keeps building in anticipation of this trip. This Covid thing has put a very large dent in everyone's ability to get out there so we are cranked to the max. Looking forward to meeting you in Sept. Stay safe!
  4. A staple remover works just fine. Cheap & efficient.
  5. Hello: Brand new guy to this type of info gathering so hoping that someone may have some that they are willing to share with me. Doing a 10 day trip up to the Missinabie/Renabie area to fish primarily for walleye. We have fished Dog Lake on 2 trips (staying at rental cabins) and although we did OK (not great), the lake is large and sometimes the weather not so cooperative in Sept. We only have a 14ft. boat so hard to fish in larger chop. We plan to head up that way again this Sept. (2020) but would really like to find a somewhat smaller walleye lake to set up a 26ft. trailer on (Crown land). I've done some research using MNR Fish ON-line interactive map and found some lakes e.g. (Crooked, Ash, Bolkow, Rennie, Stephenson, lakes) that are listed as having walleye there but last observation date is blank so no idea how old that info is. if anyone has any info that they are wiling to share re: the Missanbie/Renabie area, I would certainly appreciate whatever it may be. Thanks!!!!
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