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New fishing licences rant(the day the music died)

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On 4/12/2019 at 12:33 PM, Old Ironmaker said:

My fishing licence has a handicapped symbol on it. I held off for years getting the handicapped placard.  If I'm feeling good I don't park in the handicapped spots. Hopefully you all never need to get one.

A heads up, I was in our local Home Hardware this week and a gent asked to get his fishing licence, the clerk told him Home Hardware no longer deals with hunting or fishing licences, 

Hmm interesting, must have been this year. Got my 1 year sport at the HH in Elmira last year after going to the CT there, CT don't do it but HH was on the way home so tried there & they done it, if my local CTs & now HH don't do it this year, there's only 1 place I know of to go (Natural Sports) & now that I live in the city I don't have to worry about getting a ride, I can just get the bus to get there (along with possible fishing spots to put it to use & make it worth it this year).

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