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Anyone ever cover their bunks with firehose??

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Double cotton jacket rubber lined 65mm is best. To make even more effective put a small pool noodle inside. Fasten every 2-3 feet and hide the nails in the edge above and below the noodle. No marks on the boat and  safe . Some fire depts cut the couplings off the hose and give away to members for this purpose. Know any firefighters who could ask the repair guy?

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Thanks Bill, I should have stated that I have the hose already(thanks to my local FD).

It's the larger of the 2 types they use, which looks like it should slide right over a 2X4. Maybe even a 2X6.

I figure I'll slide it over whichever piece or wood I use, then pull it tight and staple or screw it down along the sides. Right or wrong way, I'm not too sure.


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