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Another interesting musician

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    • Ready for another adventure

      Ok, so the only thing missing is the kitchen sink LOL. My son and I had another wonderful weekend, did some fishing, exploring, and harvested some beaked hazelnuts. My CFMOTO is a year old now and I have to say I am super impressed, some of the trails we explored this weekend were through some pretty rough therein and this thing just eats it up. The power steering sure is a blessing for these old arms! We actually managed to wind our way through some very old logging trails, some place

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    • Taking smoke fish over to another country

      I was not sure how to title the post,but my question is,is it ok for someone to take smoke fish over to a European country from Canada with them ?  2 day plane travel .My co worker would like for me to smoke some white fish  for the parents to try. Are there any legal things to worry about here ?

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    • video:Drunk boater rams another boat on Lake St. Clair

      this is nuts and I hope red boat driver gets everything coming to him. and few extra for good measure.   https://www.facebook.com/BadBoatDrivers/videos/boat-assault-on-lake-st-clair/421076815288982/    

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    • Interesting Musky opener

      We had our annual musky yakfishing event this weekend. 3 of us have been fishing the same few water bodies for opener for 5 or 6 years now. We aren't chasing giants, just want to catch fish, so we fish smaller, unpressured waters. One of our spots is a very small lake fed by a fairly small, but paddleable river. Couldn't find them in the lake. Went up the river and found loads of fish: 12 fish the first trip up, another 6 the next morning. They were in 1-2 FOW, fairly fast flow, ignoring typical

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    • HOW ????????? Another personal DARWIN

      It,s April once again and it,s time for my plate renewal and is also,  tax time. YEAH Lets talk about the first part of this.  I did not receive my plate renewal form as I do every year through CP. Like everything else with this government, I thought they slipped up. No big deal,I,ll just head down on the weekend and get my sticker. As I already knew, it,s going to be on a Saturday, and there is only one place open and it would be packed. Quick skip to part 2. I decided to do the tax thang

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