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Niptrip 2011 pt 5

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We entertained ourselves the second night with lots of cards, laughs and drinks, punctuated with the occasional fish. One such fish was a beautiful ‘eye that came out of my hole. We were enveloped in a tight game of euchre when John looked across me to my Vexilar and exclaimed ‘There’s a fish!’. I reached behind me for my rod, gave it a lift, and a 6lb7oz marble-eyed beauty slammed my big emerald shiner. John jumped down to the hole for the assist and when he flopped that hog out, we were all smiles and cheers. This fish would ultimately assure me big fish honours on the trip.  We didn’t yet have any fish over slot, but I just had to release that pretty girl so she could go back and make more just like her! ;)







My man John with the assist!




Something I didn’t mention – we had split into teams. Nate and I were ‘Team Ass Crack’ (you can imagine how we earned the moniker), and John and Don were ‘The Peckerheads’ (I’m not sure why they picked that name…). Now, Nate’s not an avid angler – more of a hockey fan. So much so, he nearly bailed on the trip because of the World Juniors. Regardless, he held his own as my partner and represented Ass Crack well (and often).


Nay puts on a mini talent show








Beautiful Morning



"checkout girl frost"














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