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An Eagle Lake weekend

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A week ago I travelled down the highway to Eagle Lake for the annual get together of the Eagle Lake Hookers Club. ( a name we have been using for over 20 years). This comprises of guys getting together from Thunder Bay, Calgary , Lethbridge and Red Lake. We pass the time eating, playing crib, telling tall tales and of course we wet a line or two.


The two guys I fished with this year LOVE to go and sit on a rock and WAIT and WAIT and WAIT for the odd lake trout to pass by and hopefully grab the cisco they have laying on the bottom.


Here we are in the boat going to the rocky shore we fish from




Once we got to the rock, we had to set up the lines




I dropped the two guys off and went to try for some walleye, but I only got 1 little northern and had motor problems so I decided to head back to the rock and check on the progress they were making. When I got there they had already caught a couple of fish






The next day we returned to the same spot and caught 1 walleye (in the slot and released) my 32 inch northern (duly pictured and submitted to OFC and OFAH,) released, and 1 more trout






needless to say we had fun and then we brought the fish home to our camp chef Terry, (who we call HOP SING after the chef from the LOrne Greene tv show)




here are the fish ready to be processed




So until next year , same time, same place, we will all spend the time boasting about who got what and how big it was, but I'm the only one with pictures to prove any claims

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Great stuff... looked like a LOT of fun!


..oh and tell the lads it won't stay cold with the lid open!


I caught that too! We know the REAL reason why the boys like being on shore! Looks like fun.

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Nice fish!


Thanks for sharing.


Ummmm, but what do your wives think about you fella's going to the annual Eagles Lake "Hookers Club"?


Great name. LOL!

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