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Well managed to get a couple crappie and bluegills today. Saw a guy land about a 4 lb largemouth and he kept it. If it wasn't for me leaving my cell phone in the car I would have made that call. They were across from my car and I didn't want to be obvious but I should have anyway. Oh that pisses me off. If he was by himself I would have said something but there were a few guys so I didn't. Don't want to get my ass kicked. It was about 8pm so I figured they'd be gone if the CO's did show up. If it had've been a couple hours earlier I would have called. On the way out on 24, I just missed an accident by about 2 minutes at that set of lights by Vanessa Rd. Saw one white SUV on it's roof and didn't notice the other vehicle. Looks like some idiot ran a red light. When will people learn.

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