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  1. shimano reels can be sent to the head office in peterborough for an service. they dropped aikmans as a service center due to the poor customer service they had.
  2. lowrance hds8 or humminbird 998 HD si. both are great for what u want. large clear hi def screens.
  3. i would grab a shimano chronarch 51E small and light weight 6.3 to 1 gear ratio power and speed in one! can usually find one on sale for a good price. fishing world usually has a great spring sale each season with amazing prices. i would bump up the 50lb line though. use 65lb power pro super slick, or 25lb flouro. better to have more line power and not need it then less and break off. and it happens lol. i know u mentioned the chronarch was at the top of ur price range, but it is well worth the money. i own 2 for flipping, and 4 other chronarchs with more coming this year!
  4. yup! cause there's ice fishing to do! I don't really care about a bronze medal. after that embarrassment against the USA I don't really care to watch anymore. having said that , there's not a bigger fan of thw juniors than I am and ill put the game on and watch it while I get ready to hit the ice
  5. they'll still be on the outside looking in...
  6. fish crankbaits and plastics. this is the BEST time of year to fish down there. big largies, smallies, pike, salmon, rainbows and browns, catfish, carp, perch, crappie, silver bass, rock bass
  7. winter ice fishing can be great. lots of crappie and smaller perch. game fish are making a comeback, more and more caught each year. usually see a decent pike, and some really good walleye and bass caught each winter.
  8. I just don't use it cause I catch more fish on other baits, and they aren't as messy or a pain in the rear lol
  9. U'll always pay more for a diesel vehicle, both gas and diesel prices fluctuate, but diesel tends to stay a bit cheaper. Still priced high considering its a waste byproduct from processing oil to make other fuels. And u'll get better mileage from a diesel vehicle.
  10. they neglect to mention the batteries in the cars only last approx. 5 years or so, and cost a good chunk of change to dispose, and are about 5k to replace i believe was last i heard. u pay more with an electric car. waste of money and just stupid really.
  11. Buy a curado and a compre. They are designed to go together. Compre is cheap as far as rods go, but very high quality and have a lifetime warrenty
  12. The BPS 100MPH is great. The BPS pro qualifier is the bext model down and is excellant. I own it. The simms rainsuit is an amazing suit, I know several guys that own it and they have nothing but praise for it. The shimano dryfender suit has had lots of good reviews and I know a few guys who own it and love it. But they have pants with suspenders u can attach, not actual bibs
  13. If u live anyplace near hamilton, I have a quantum kinetic PT baitcaster ill sell u for 80 and u can use the rest on a rod. Its an excellant reel, easy to use, great brake system, its basically brand new, bought in the spring, Its a step up on the shimano citica, and would be better then the new curado's as well.
  14. I would go on a limb and say none of that contains asbestos. BUT, hire a trained professional!! Asbestos is harmless until u disturb it, then ur in trouble. Unless ur trained to handle it, don't touch it.
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