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Lake of the Woods Lodge

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Hey all!


I have a trip in the works to head a way up north. LOTW.... and to visit Ol' Granny in Fort Frances.

We still are not sure if we are going to be doing day trips to area lakes or get all comfy/cozzie at a lodge for a few days.


I've narrowed down my search to Lake of the Woods Lodge based on price mainly, and well this late into the year availability (which scares me, why is it still avail?). It's on an Island which sounds interesting and maybe why they still have some vacancies.


If you have been, would you recommend it to someone crazy enough to drive that far for a fishing trip (from the GTA)? I keep using a visit with Granny to justify the KM's of this trip. :P


I'll find my own fishing spots but are there any spots close to the lodge so that my 8 m.p.h. boat could get too? Musky is the main focus of the trip with the odd Walter to join us for shore lunch.


Plan B: Day trips from Fort Frances..... Get up before the rooster head to a lake of our choice for the day with some food and bevies to keep us going. LOTW is going to be a lake on our list, possibly Eagle for a day and who knows where the wind will take us for "Seat of our pants" Plan B. Are public boat launches easy to find? Are they marked by road signs?


Sioux Narrows or Nestor Falls where would you go for musky?


Thanks in advance, any info on the area would be helpful.....



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Either Or for musky up on LOTW. There is a lot of water and you'd need the rest of your life to really fish it all. As for why the availability, look at the loonie's value compared to the greenback, it is getting expensive for americans to come up and enjoy our lakes. Good luck and good fishing.

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Scott and Ruth are good customers of ours and I think you would have a great stay at the lodge.

When were you planning on making the trip?

I don't fish LOTW very often even though access at Morson and Nestor Falls is less than an hour drive for me

(I prefer to fish the smaller lakes around here)

Depending on the time of year you are coming I could make some suggestions for great ski and eye fishing for you on the smaller lakes around

here (Fort Frances is only 25km away)

Let me know if I can help



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years ago when i worked for weekends guiding out of nestor falls, we used to get some good muskies in that area, nestor falls is only a short drive (by northern standards) from the fort and with a smaller motor you could easily handle sabaskong bay and some of the areas west of it.

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