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    • Meet Merp the steelhead

      We're out fishing Lake Erie yesterday. I had a friend join us that has never caught a salmon or steelhead. The dipsy rod goes off and we hand him the rod. He had a total blast bringing this fish in. We get it in the net and my friend starts saying " ITS A MERP!!! ITS A MERP!! WTH is a Merp? This is Merp the walleye http://magazine.fishsens.com/merp-the-walleye-a-strange-hybrid-fish.htm   This is Merp the steelhead. Anyone ever caught a Merp?

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    • First OFC member meet at Spring Fishing show

      Hit the show today with my brother in law Was pretty good and at the very least got our juices flowing for the upcoming season Stopped by the Handlebarz booth and met Pete Very funny since I had just posted about watching him on Muaky Hunter. Pete was great meeting you. Thanks for the lure pick and the tips for musky in the Kawarthas Hope u get the call for more Saric trips. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy Cheers Gordy aka Andrew

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    • Hamilton Bassmasters swap meet, who's going?

      For anyone that has never been this is a great chance to get some great deals. I know a few here are going to be peddling their wears. Looney Toon for 1 that I know is having a table, Speil I think also. Lets meet up at the snack bar at noon so we can say hi and have a secret OFC meeting.   Saturday April 2nd at the Ancaster Fair Grounds. I think it starts at 08:00.

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    • Musky Odyssey Meet and greet?

      Hey all I was wondering how many people will be staying over night for the odyssey? if you are will it be Friday or Saturday? we will be there all weekend I thought this might be a good time to have a M&G in St.Cathrines (Dax fix my spelling) there are always a bunch of people that come up every year and stay over but head off in all directions after the Odyssey I have heard from many who just went for dinner then back to their room as they did not know what to do. If there is enough interes

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    • Fix the link where science and policy meet

      http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-debate/fix-the-link-where-science-and-policy-meet/article19286655/#dashboard/follows/   Short editorial on science in Canada.

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