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hit the ice again

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had a looooong weekend at work and was looking forward to going fishing monday,but....... sure enough got called into work on monday, (needless to say i was pissed),

so decided to head out early tuesday before anybody could call me to work (they did), wow was it ever cold, radio was calling windchill's in the -30's, but i went on to a little lake north of cartier stocked with rainbows, put almost all the clothes i have on, packed the slay and off i went, i fished pretty much the hole length of the lake in water's ranging from 3' to about 16', tried simple hook and minnows, micro jigs, small spoons and all i came up with were 2 perch about 4" long, so by 3 oclock i had enough, i could barely get my gloves on and off from the cold and my ice scoop had broke so i didn't feel like clearing the holes with my hand anymore, trekked all the way back to the truck drove out,


got on the highway and i got a phone call saying the highway was closed at highfalls early in the day do to a severe accident and would be closed for another while, (DAMN) when i caught up to traffic we were stopped at the levack turn off, one of my buddies was also stopped there for 3 hours and had had enough, he knew a detour so i followed, he parked his truck at the motel and hoped in mine and off we went, we took some old bush roads and across some mine properties, those who didn't have 4X4 had to turn around, 1-1/2 hrs later we were on the other side of the accident and on my way home (the 40min. drive took 2hrs 25 min)


as of last night at 11:30 only 1 lane was open, they reported a 4 car accident with 1 death

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