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How Do They Set Fines?

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How do they set the fines? After reading the Fishing News section, a Toronto man gets $4,500. fine with 53 rainbow trout and then a Thunder Bay guy gets a total fine of $10,600. for $6,000. for 30 walleyes and $4,600. for 23 brook trout. Same total of 53 fish, please explain how this works???

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I believe it's up to the Judge and if the Convict has had any priors... maybe he wanted to make an example of him..


IE: My buddy KILLED two while drunk driving...he got 2 yrs.... he then drove drunk again and

KILLED his girlfriend in the process while out of jail for the holidays [while he was already in jail]

Ya following me? the same Judge imposed another year to his Driver's permit suspension...and a

"blow to go" device in his vehicle...oh and for the KILLING of his Girlfriend....and additional 6mos probation after his release....... what the heck!!!!..... he's no longer a friend.


On the other hand..


My pal ...."J" a pretty big guy...6'7" 350 lbs...was in a bar fight when yer big they gang up on you

he ended up Breaking 2 arms by "wrist twisting" [2 different people] he got 6 yrs..and was released after 2 full years..I was there It was self defense.


as for my Drunken ex-buddy he ended up doing 20 months total....go figure.


Can you explain that ?


Like I said It all depends on the Judge..

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Poaching is not a good practice at any time. Yes please take your legal limit, but leave some fish for others to enjoy. With all the commercial fishing, poaching, and limited restocking efforts it is hard enough to keep a healthy sports fishery. Therefore if a judge understands the amount of effort and money it takes to sustain this fishery he will dole out a healthy punishment.

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