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  1. Good job on the edit! I appreciate how much time goes into the filming and editing process as I do quite a bit of it myself. Keep it up!
  2. Don't let them bother you. It is still possible to do well even during the hatch. Thanks Joey! Love that part in the video. Just shows how in tune he is. He feels the bites real well!
  3. Nosbonsing can be a very fun lake. It's not very big so fairly easy to fish a lot of water. Any one of the shallow bays will produce large-mouth bass and pike. Just fish near or in the cabbage or in the pads. If you want to target walleye, target main lake points in about 15-20 ft of water. Good luck
  4. 100% This day was all about him! Start em young!
  5. Over the past 6 years I've had the pleasure of introducing fishing to my nephew Grayson. He was holding a mickey mouse rod before he could even stand up, Today I'm so proud on how far he's come and learned. From identifying many different species of fish to learning how to read a fish finder. And all at 6 six years old. Can't wait to see what the future holds for this guy. He absolutely cannot get enough of fishing. Last week I finally had a chance to take him out onto Lake Nipissing for a good walleye bite. If anyone from the area is ever looking for a lake to bring a kid fishing, Lake Nipissing can be very fun if your in the right location. Very easy for kids and can be a blast. Check out Grayson outfishing both his uncle and dad. The video is a little lengthy at 5 min, but dosen't seem long at all. Plus he puts a giant sheaphead in the boat near the end of the video. Hope you enjoy! If you have a chance this summer, bring a kid fishing!
  6. Read the description in the video... It clearly states it was a hoax. #staged
  7. I doubt you will be disappointed. We had an absolute blast. First time any of us had been fishing in the ocean, let alone for big game like marlin! I was amazed at what we were fishing. It was a floating weed line filled with debris and wood. We just trolled along side and caught fish all day. Definitely bring the gopro, they have a mount already secured to the boat, just click yours in.
  8. Korber, bring a pack rod, I regret that a didn't. There would have been plenty of opportunities for me to wet a line off the rock break walls by the gazebos. I apologize, I made an error, the cost was $800 per boat....Not $400. Half day was a 6 hr trip, which was plenty! Especially if the sea is rough. Our group chartered two boats, 3 people in each that way each person could fish more. Boats were clean, gear was top notch, deck hand and captain were great. Worth every penny.
  9. Stayed at the same resort! Excellent place, had a blast. Look up Island Dog Water Sports. Was about $400 for half day. Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Baracuda and plenty of Mahi Mahi. Beer included! Check out the fishing vid I made from our day. Its a bit lengthy as I wanted to include a few catches from everybody involved.
  10. Thanks. And yeah, they weren't throwing anything back. You do have a decent point, but if you knew me, and how much I like fishing, it wouldn't come as a surprise that I went fishing. haha I'm jealous, miss it already. Can't wait to go back. Have fun!
  11. Nice bunch of fish there Shloim!!! If anyone is ever interested in a deep sea fishing adventure in Jamaica, look up Island Dog Water Sports, in Ocho Rios. I finally had the opportunity to try this out and I did not regret spending the coin. Cost was $650 for a 6 hour charter. We were three per boat so this help cut the cost down. We targeted Blue and White Marlin & Mahi Mahi with the odd Barracuda thrown in. Check out the video I made below. It is quite long since I wanted to show a bit of everyone action, but well worth the watch if your interested in doing something like this in Jamaica. Some of the best footage is near the end. Got a couple real good shots of my marlin jumping out of the water at around 5:45. In total we got two white marlin, 6 mahi mahi, and 3 barracuda. We spent the day trolling top water plugs in about 800 FOW next to floating weeds and debris the ocean currents had gathered together. Yes, trolling a weedline in 800 FOW hahah. Such a fun experience and I can't wait to do something like this again.
  12. Definitely a fisher Chad. Pine marten are usually much smaller, and have much lighter colors. Looks like a smaller female. As Joey mentioned, male fishers can get quite large. Nice pics!
  13. I completely disagree with your statement and find it insulting to those who enjoy tournament angling. Competition is everywhere, live with it. As for what this topic is really about, its a shame things like this happened, but just like most any competition, there are always some people trying to cheat.
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