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  1. Pretty sure he weighed in the labour cost at $88. Not sure you really read the story OP thanks for the heads up on that place. Posts like this are exactly what community forums are for. I for one do not want to get bamboozled by going somewhere with "low overhead"? Lol
  2. There's a place in Keswick and a place in Lefroy that rent boats. I'm not sure if there is a place further south.
  3. As well if your driving around with fish make sure to leave a 1"x1" of the skin to show the COs
  4. I'm seeing lots of scalpers downtown. Should be easy to get
  5. I disagree, for example just ask him if that's the best price they can do. The next thing out of his mouth is a lie
  6. Damn Ospreys they don't care about slot sizes, they feel sooooo entitled
  7. Ok BJs it is! Thanks very much guys
  8. Thanks so far guys. Ill actually be just outside Peterborough (south) on the Otanabee. And I'm really looking for minnows, worms are everywhere lol
  9. Thanks so far guys. Ill actually be just outside Peterborough (south) on the Otanabee
  10. Hi everyone, just about to do a trip up to the Peterborough Area, does anyone know of a live bait place up there? The Internet can only say so much
  11. I guess that makes you a minority. Welcome to the future. No more carcinogens. How could a forward government openly condone smoking.... Anything? It's an obvious answer to an obvious mistake. (Issuing federal laws allowing SMOKING of Marijuana)
  12. . There is no wrong answer on which rod to get in terms of brand. Balancing it with the intended reel is great advice
  13. Length of the rod will only be an issue from your casting position (angle from rod in hand to the water) If your in the bottom of a tinny a 7ft rod is too long. You'll knock it on the boat lip many times and it makes a god awful sound. If your on a casting deck of an All Species boat, 7' IS the ideal length, and you can put your tip in the water to negotiate weeds off your line
  14. Just had to figure this out last week. Google an image hosting site. Create an account, upload photos. a few different links will be created and shown on new page. Choose one less than 800*600 in size, copy the link (the one u want will have [ this at the beginning of the link and an ] at the end) those are the magic symbols that put the pic on the forum
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