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  1. fantastic pics. I really enjoyed the article,well done as always.
  2. Here are a few pics from my next day out. Largest was 28 pounds. My forearms actually hurt the next day!
  3. Nice colours on those fish. Congrats
  4. I have not been fishing much but finally went out this weekend. 4 on Saturday, 2 on Sunday (no pics for these)
  5. Nice write up. I am missing my annual trip this year so these stories will have to keep my satisfied!
  6. Thanks Mike. That definitely rules out a new spot I was going to try this weekend. On to plan B.
  7. is this time of year a productive time? i went out recently to a spot I have had success and neither myself or others were catching. I normally have fished May/June though.
  8. Thanks Gordy! . That must be the spot. I had seen this site but completely missed the description " mouth of the Meta/Ara lake channel " . I guess i was just focusing on a map location. Time to add this to potential spots for 2019.
  9. Hello OFNers. I have lost all my tabs when my hard drive recently crashed. I am looking for the camp located between ARA and Meta lake. There was a cabin on the point in the channel between the 2 lakes. I think this camp was sold recently. Perhaps it is no longer being rented?
  10. well crap.....now I have to drop more money on more lures..... what a "drag". (pun intended) If you get a reliable supplier Chris let me (us) know. This lure seems to have quite the recommendations from members here.
  11. nice video-thanks for taking the time. I have had NO success in my 2 carp outings this year-much to my sons dismay. (and mine)
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