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  1. Another great read Mike! (even though its tough to root for a kid when he's wearing a Cowboys hat the looks on their faces were priceless - Cam seemed to take the tossed hook like a true pro as well ) I really love those blue backs as well.
  2. I typically had girls laugh at my crotch.. haven't tried it on the fellas
  3. Maybe he was more fluent than you give him credit for- perhaps he told him off ?
  4. yes but would the loon have done the same for you ? jk. I would hate to come across anyone that didn't have the same instinct you did
  5. I'd say you guys did alright in both the fishing and camping department. Great report.
  6. some nice toad hunting there. I need to get out soon before I start pitchin jigs in the deli department of Loblaws
  7. When I die, I hope Heaven is like one of Mikes "BAD" trips... I think I could live with that ( I suppose I should point out I meant bad FISHING trip ) -another mind blowing report sir.
  8. i have had quite a few aquariums over the years, and have seen many fish act some what the same as this, some more erratic than others.. but many just like this, after stress from a range different reasons.. so my vote (for as little as it's worth) - goes to the "fish under stress and on its way out" argument
  9. so wait - you mean walleye are NOT pickerel ? - J/K.
  10. more action than I've seen since Sept. . I really can't wait to get out myself, but in 4 years when my wee boss is old enough to have him join me that will be the real thrill. Great roots your planting right there.
  11. Hey I thought I said leaving the genitals out of this..
  12. I remember about 4 years ago, I was at a cottage for a buddies batchelor weekend on Kamamiskeg (Berrys Bay) - after a LONG night of "festivities" and after everyone crashed, I canoed out to the swim raft and was casting away with no luck. Eventually the fun had caught up to me and I fell asleep on the raft, using my travel tackle bag as a pillow. Woke up after about an hour or so with the sun pounding away on my pounding head.. made my way back to shore only to have the ones who were waking up point out my neck and back were COVERED in bites, from everything from misquitos, flies and dock spiders I would imagine... made the hang over extra pleasant. I DID how ever eventually catch the biggest fish of my life that weekend a low 40's Northern -and of course I couldn't get a picture- but my brother and his friend witnessed it and were both blown away by the beast (maybe even more than I was) so it made it all worth it. Somewhere in that lake is a monster with some interesting piercings (as it took off with my mepps giant killer after shreading my 50lb braid (no leader )
  13. Caught a really ODD one 4 1/2 yrs ago, and she gave me the best son a man can ask for
  14. you know, I never even thought to ask Once I heard it was tact to my limit I canned the whole idea and now just have tackle shop minnows in there- with nothing to eat them
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