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  1. shane

    Tip of the hat

    Welcome aboard Mike. You can learn a lot on here.
  2. shane

    New Fishing Machine

    Reminds me of my VW Westphalia back in the 70's. Man I loved that van.
  3. shane

    Start Spring with a Tank

    lol I'll keep an eye out for the game warden if you two would like to be alone.
  4. Some nice fish there. Looks like you didn't let this brutal winter keep you down much. But........ no rock bass?
  5. shane

    Just let me gloat please NF

    Anybody but Kyle Bush!
  6. shane

    Multiple Crashes

    The overly cautious going too slow. The overly aggressive going too fast. If we could keep these two groups off the road the world would be perfect.
  7. shane

    Buying a Carp Pod in Canada..?

    I make mine on the spot. Made with locally grown, biodegradable materials. Two forked sticks. One taller than the other. Placed at precise intervals. I'm working on a non-forked model for those times when I just can't find a forked one.
  8. shane

    Removing fish smell from hands

    I heard that pink ones work best.
  9. shane

    My sentiments eggzactly !!!

    I already handled it. Groundhog stew for dinner today.
  10. shane

    garage insulation

    LOL. You have more fishing rods than garden tools.
  11. I don't care what people want to believe in (for the most part) but I draw the line at knocking at my door to tell me that my believes are wrong. And then tell me they are sad for me. But......that has nothing to do with Al. Tho' I don't think I would want to be stuck in a boat with him
  12. Matt Groening. I want to tell him to quit following me around and stealing my ideas.
  13. A couple years ago my rental water heater sprung a leak. I called up Reliance and the guys were here in an hour and two hours later I had a new one installed and working. The only thing I didn't like was they had to put in a steel chimney liner (about $600.00) that they said was required by law but that was just tacked on to my rental bill. No immediate cash outlay.
  14. shane

    Gotta luv kijiji

    I have no problem with low-ballers. Because i am always giving stuff away for free. Old junky freezer, old stereo equipment etc. Always gone the same day.
  15. shane


    Antifreeze?? Why would you want to do something like that?