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  1. Funny thing is this wasn't martindale was top secret crappie spot
  2. well today me and a buddy decided to brave the weather and spent the morning ice fishing, hoping for a few crappie, we saw plenty on the camera including a few slabs but no takers, did manage a few sunnies and this beast which just used his weight to spend my spring tip till he realized he was hooked and starting a fun little fight. My friend on the other hand wasn't so lucky, got skunked and the weight that allowed to the camera to sink snapped off so now we where cameraless but that didn't stop me from finding fish muahahahaha. caught this beast of a fish on my UL with 2 pound line, kept him since I figured what the hey been craving since the smaller one I got before new years there.
  3. Thanks, and once again congrats on the great fishing trip.
  4. looks like a fun trip, and tasty BBQ, im quite envious of you guys, I'm still stuck in class till noonish or till I get bored of doing work , what kind of jigging spoons where you guy's using, I usually use swedish pimple, or small buckshots?
  5. I need to go ice fishing today

  6. before I took up ice fishing I would go steelheading with little to no success got tired of not catching and gave up on that, a buddy asked me to go ice fishing with him so I went a to local tackle shop and bought my first rod which came with the epic spring bobber and a scoop of minnows, cracked open some pre drilled holes and caught this was hooked so I went next weekend since I was in school with another friend no minnows anywhere so I used preserved minnows on a swedish pimple and caught this and here is a vid of the fight as well so long story short is eventually you will get the bug and get hooked on ice fishing
  7. I saw it on breaking news while watching family guy, what a tragedy indeed, my symphony to the families of the victims.
  8. its going to be slushy as well but that will refreeze today or tonight just need some nicer weather and I will be back at it
  9. Well 2010 has been an interesting year for me, caught several fishy's and actually beat a PB like a seem to do every year, but not once, not twice but three times I got a PB what a year well, I did do a bit of traveling went up to the Severn River near Gravenhurst in late June didn't catch much but was fun, caught more smallies than largies this year, and already started ice fishing before christmas, also caught my first catfish through the ice, but my camera batteries died . Can't wait for 2011 hoping it to be a fun year with more big fish than the last year. Have a safe and fun filled new years everyone. now for some pics. would you believe this is my PB brown my PB catfish caught on a crawfish while fishing for smallies I think this is my PS largie ( personal smallest ) here is one of my few in season fish caught on the severn my two biggest crappie of the year one being my PB at 13 inches 2-2 1/4 pounds fishing for crappie in the summer time produced me this Don't ask yum yum fresh opener rainbows I'm feeling nice and will show you guys the altered pic if ya know where it is don't say a thing this is the fish I catch in response to my school yard chump passing away RIP Jake 1991-2010 well happy new years everyone and be safe
  10. went out panfish fishing today with the intention of catching some gills and some seeds well I got both and some monster gills too but what made my day were the 3 crappie 2 of which were slabtastic biggest was 13" 2lbs the other 11.5" 1.5lbs and the smaller one was only 8" well here is some pictures for you 11.5" and 13" midnight snack my 13"
  11. you mean the donut brigade me thinks we need the opp for this one cause this is one of the signs of a psycho
  12. alright if you guys aren't from the niagara region this isn't as devastating as you may think here is the newspaper article of what is what we call the Happy Rolph's Massacre if you wanna know what Happy Rolph's is its a petting zoo and monday night or early tuesday morning some idiot(s) broke in and tortured and killed most of the rabbits and decapitated one of the larger ones and put its head on a stake and killed all the chickens and kidnapped a baby goat I will link the newspaper article for you guys. http://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=2603503
  13. the only muskie I ever caught was when I was a kid and we new that this muskie was living under this dock in like 3 feet of water was small only like 30" it was quite aggressive we weren't allowed to put are feet in the water since that spot was a prime bass spot and the muskie liked toes so one time I was fishing there with a worm and float and remember I was only 8 years old at the time I tossed out the worm and a get I bite I start reeling in the bugger and the muskie out of no were just slams the fish and runs off for a good 20 yards and fought for a few and it came in, everyone at the camp was surprised.
  14. Between the velvet lies There's a truth that's hard as steel The vision never dies Life's a never ending wheel RIP Ronnie James Dio
  15. used to see lots of wild garlic and leeks out hiking along the escarpment never thought to pick them though, mustard garlic ( correct me if spelling is wrong ) is edible the leaves are good in a salad, same with cloves, chickory ( roots make good coffee ) Dandelions, im still on the hunt for morels.
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