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  1. Txs for all tips Tried to use a deep cycle battery to turn ignition on, then ran. Problem still there. Sent it to marine for service. Hope it's not big deal. Will keep it posted.
  2. Recently my 50 HP Merc has a problem. I can start it easily. Under low speed such as trolling speed, it ran OK. However, under faster speed, it sputtered, then slowly stopped. Seems motor couldn't provide fuel under fairly high speed. I changed fuel line with bulb, fuel filter inside, plus filled some new gas in, but issue still there. I am not sure it's related to fuel or electronics, or..? Any suggestion. The motor is year.2008 4 stroke EFI.
  3. I have a Nautilus deep cycle battery. It always shows 12.7 Voltage. However, it can NOT be fully charged (about 70~80 %) It might be not enough for trolling motor. Wonder if I can use it as starting battery?
  4. How is crappie on Cameron lake this spring? it's great if they come back.
  5. Lund Alaskan 1600 plus a 50~60 HP four stroke. Honda, Merc, Yammy all work.
  6. Net is for sure handy, but I will keep both on boat.
  7. I store my boat in a resort. Boat ramp is not far, Sometimes I couldn't have a vehicle with towing hitch.
  8. Total weight of my boat rig (boat/motor/trailer) is about 1800 pd. Using electric trailer mover to launch it to water is probably OK. My concern is if it's possible to pull loaded trailer with boat back up to boat ramp after using it? Boat ramp has an incline, but my boat rig is not heavy. I am looking for power dolly or trailer mover? Any suggestion?
  9. How about Fenelon Fall side? Plan to launch my boat there.
  10. Robinson Marine is very reliable Merc dealer. They are located at south of Lindsay, just on side of HW 35.
  11. Prefer Tim Hales, Steve's, and Hank Heyink (Lakers & Whities).
  12. Mine is MinnKota Terrova Autopilot. Is it easy to upgrade to ipilot? I might be interested.
  13. Previous owner must maintain the boat well. Seems its carpet has been replaced. Congrat.
  14. Was out yesterday. Weather was perfect as well as fishin. Found a lot of goby around one shoal. Boated plenty of smallie, the biggest ones are 21 and 20.5 inches (released). You think 21 incher can push 6 pd at this time?
  15. If launch from Innisfil, you can search some area in Willow beach and Jackson's point. Look for sand and rock transition. Also, you can check Georgian Island. I hammered smallies there last month, but fishin is slow now.
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