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  1. Very funny!! Constructive comments and insights are great! All the personal bickering isn't ! Too much drama in this thread!
  2. I had to read that post twice! LOL. good one!
  3. Hate to sound like Don Cherry but pick some players with some heart and grit! Players from the GTA for example rather than NCAA and KJHL players. Nylander needs to go if for no other reason to raise the bar in terms of accountability. Hard to hold the third and fourth line guys to any work ethic when Nylander is floating around avoiding body contact.
  4. 👍 Wonder what the ANALYTICS suggest the odds are for Dumbass and Keefe to see next season in Leaf Land!
  5. Haven't heard any details but if that's accurate then he made his own bed. Not many coaches went that far even back then.
  6. I got that one yesterday as well.I get PayPal ones as well. I dumped my PayPal account to ensure I wasn't being scammed.
  7. I can guarantee you every coach (not just hockey) at every level is looking in the rear view mirror. Ever say anything or do anything 20 years ago that wouldn't fly today??? Any body you ever worked with or for that has fallen on hard times in life and could be looking for a scape goat to blame all their problems on??? OF COURSE we all have. If I'm a young guy now thinking about coaching..... I wouldn't recommend it to anybody based on today's political correctness!
  8. Oh yeah for sure! Lead by the young guys! You could read their body language in September. Now that the inmates are running the institution it'll be interesting to see if there's any team discipline or accountablility. If I'm Dumbass I'm polishing my resume as well. Right after the playoffs he'll be gone too!
  9. OK I guess I see it now but isn't disrepecting the vets of our country by not wearing a poppy offensive? Maybe we need to do a better job informing the public as to the significance of poppies. We used to have an hour long assembly in our high school every year. I bet that isn't done anymore.
  10. He was blunt that's for sure but the scary part is I can't figure out why people find what he said racist?? As an old guy I think'll just refrain from saying anything these days. He didn't try to assign reasons for the lack of poppies; he just made an observation.
  11. I'd say this guy is underqualified for the tough guy role. They need a bonafide league tough guy that can play on the fourth line on a regular shift. I agree Hyman isn't a tough guy but he is willing to get his shirt dirty. I see that in Trevor Moore as wll except he doesn't have the stature.
  12. The Leafs are one or two injuries away from not making the playoffs and it'll be some luggen that runs Marner or Kerfoot or Rielly because he knows he won't be challenged. I wonder if there's grit on this team , other than Hyman, that just hasn't shown itself. It'll be interesting to see if Doug Gilmour behind the bench can sprinkle some of his grit across the team.
  13. I liked the way the Wings hit the first two lines. The high priced players need to get hit a little. They don't finish a check EVER so it's nice to see them receive a little physicality. I keep hoping they'll learn something or at least start to play with a little edge. Can't imagine Babcock enjoys the noncontact hockey out of the first two lines given the style he coached in Detroit.
  14. Watch the body language on the bench when Babcock is talking. I like him as a coach and a person but his time is over in Toronto. He's used all the one liners, jokes, motivational speeches ...etc. If they aren't in first place by Dec 1st I''ll predict we'll be watching Sheldon Keefe before Christmas.
  15. I noticed the Algonquin Park newsletter acknowledges the fact that large male black bears up on occasion can become human predators. They stock and hunt a human if they are in this category. Maybe this behavior is becoming more common. I have noticed the unhunted bears in Algonquin Park seem to lack the healthy respect for humans that hunted bears exhibit.
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