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  1. Saw this on facebook looks good and I think they are in Quebec https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010210663257
  2. Colorado seems like they got a lot for Dushene
  3. Just had mine done at City Wide. I am assuming yours is a stainless prop.Minimum $150 for repair does great work and timely.
  4. I think its Soshnikov thats not playing tonight
  5. I think they signed Kadri to a five year deal and Morgan Reily to a six year deal this summer...and Anderson did play in the preseason and didnt look great hope he works out the kinks hate to see another goaltending problem here.
  6. Ya Rocky retired. I think Tyler is his grandson not 100%sure, but he is the guy to talk to.
  7. Rockys in Orillia, Tyler is running it now the number is 705 325 3526 Lol Terry beat me to it, but he has moved to 3 Royce Ave unit 1 and 2
  8. Radioworld is there they should be able to help you.
  9. WOW awesome fish.I wanna get me some crappie.
  10. Hmmmm I thought this thread was about two guys accused of cheating? Not about what tournaments do for the fisheries.
  11. Don't know if it ok to post from another site. If its not ok please delete. Top Bass Press Release. September 15, 2015. There were 2 makeshift cages discovered on Balsam Lake at the TOP BASS Classic (one Friday prior to the event and one Saturday morning during the event) and brought to the attention of the Top BassTournament Director. In consideration for the safety of the fish, they were released back into Balsam Lake. We are currently consulting with the appropriate professionals and are taking this situation very seriously. We will be exhausting every option that is available to us at this time. Please be patient while we deal with this professionally. We will provide updates on this matter when they are made available to us. Thank you for your continued support, TOP BASS Ted
  12. If you want to try online heres a link..... https://fishshop.shimano.com/vip/landing.jsp?link=home I have not used it but they list all parts and prices when you click on the reel you need parts for.
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