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  1. spray it with cooking spray...if you are doing fish directly on the grill, also works pretty good if you season it up..and spray one sid eof the fish with cooking spray, put that side on the grill, spray the other side before you flip it
  2. nice going on the fish for team 1
  3. nice going coach..gotta love the shows at the busy ramps some times. I be doing some channel cattin myself in the next few days..I got word of some big ones being caught up into the 15lber range
  4. alright put away the BB gun....... you'll shoot your eye out....eye out...eye out...........
  5. aha, you almost got me..I see you are gonna be like TroutnMuskyHunter this year too eh..I will catch one, get us on the board, then you guys will beat it way to go, nice fish..we're tied
  6. ya probably couldn't becasue your ams where too sore from catching all those fish
  7. right on guys,that's why when people on these here interweb sites all look around at the posts and then try and hound you for all your fishing holes on thier 1st post...I come back with things like......read back in the forum, you will soon find that the guys who are going out there,having a blast and catching a load of fish, put in thier time, do thier homework, and get out there and catch them
  8. yep not the spot for a 12 footer on the back drift...this winter there has been people out there..3 people I might add, in one of those folding porta-boats
  9. here is a question then.....did you get written up for it..if so, do you have a built in gas tank?...if not it is not manditory, although a smart idea to have one aboard
  10. right on, that's a nice one, it's that time of eyar where the fish in the teens are coming out to frollic
  11. my old 12 footer pushed along pretty good with my 9.9 on it...I since retired the boat due to issues with the transom..(2 small cracks at the top where the motor goes....now my kids use it for a row boat and I run the 9.9 on my 14 footer. Your 12 may say it's rated for a 15, but I think that's a little pushing it for a 12 footer, I seen a guy 2 summers ago with a 12 and a 15 on it, he was trying out the motor....he dug a small wave and got thrown from the boat..the boat was then stuck in WOT doing a circle almost running him over, all he could do was grab onto the boat so it wouldn't hit him, and hold on while it went in circles all over the place..he managed to pull the gas line off the tank and had to hold on until it ran out of gas....luckily in the end he came out of it with only a sore arm it was a good deep 12 footer, the 15 was too much motor for the boat.
  12. not teasing...I AM going fishing tommorrow
  13. mine has a 10 year expiration date on it...it was bought in 2003 when we got the boat, says...dispose of on or before 2013 on it I give it a couple good taps every year upside down..still fully charged
  14. that's a great springtime boat checklist tip
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