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  1. I was in Cambridge Bay in February of 2015 and found it really nice. I was in Iqaluit in April of 2015. I like Cambridge Bay better. I would like to visit both places again in the summer.
  2. Don't be so negative. At least it wasn't some guy trying as hard as he could to generate a marketable fake laugh while shilling Rapalas, wait no, live targets.
  3. Manny doing the Minnesota accent is fantastic
  4. Just started watching 39 hours. Great show!
  5. So an extra hour and change plus a very busy border crossing. But other than that I guess what I said has no merit.....
  6. That is a pile of extra kilometres for no reason. Plus as small as the border crossing may seem to be, it is a busy one.
  7. 6 in one, half dozen the other. Like I said, all things being equal if you are travelling the same amount of miles and the same amount of time then you might as well see twice as much country
  8. Go down through Buffalo and come back up through Detroit or vice versa. It is not much difference. I really liked the drive through West Virginia. Go down one way and back up the next, you'll get to see more country that way.
  9. I think to a certain degree this board is a victim of its own success. Before I got married and had kids I use to fish 100 days a year. I barely get out compared to what I use to so I don't post like I use to. My son is at a good age now so he can fish with myself and my father for a day without getting bored. Back to my original statement about this board being a victim of its own success. The immense amount of traffic that views this board may make some people nervous of posting. I took my son out perch fishing a while ago and he caught a 14.5 inch perch. The bloody thing was huge. As proud as I was of him, I didn't feel comfortable posting his picture on a board that gets literally thousands of views a day. I think I could adjust a bit and make sure I grab a picture of him holding his catches without his face in the pic or something. Maybe that is the short answer.
  10. Turn that frown upside down. Hahahaha. Sometimes you just have to be happy about a little bit of promising news.
  11. It is a start. Hamilton Harbour has come a long way. There is still much work to be done. Let's hope these fish find suitable habitat to spawn.
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