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Anyone with Motorguide electrical experience?

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I have an older 82lb 24V MotorGuide Digital Tour. Serial: 9B655880; Part No: 9BT52GCAF

Yesterday something happened and now the trolling motor stays on all the time at 100% power. I was using it during a normal low RPM run for only a few minutes and then it stopped working. I knew my batteries couldn't have suddenly died since they are both pretty new and were fully charged. I thought 'what the heck' and turned the variable speed dial on the side of the pedal, stepped on the pedals on/off switch but nothing. I flipped the switch at the top of the pedal that is for constant on or for using the pedals on/off and nothing. I unplugged the power and plugged it back in and WHAM! 100% throttle and no way to adjust speed or turn the unit off. So I had to unplug it.

Anyone with experience in this area think which part has gone bad that I have to replace? I was guessing the potentiometer assembly? I don't think the switch at the top that controls constant on or allowing the on/off of the foot pedal is bad and I don't think the variable speed controller is bad because both do nothing now.

Thank you!

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Based on your description of symptoms I would suspect either the potentiometer or the variable speed controller. If I were you I would Google the model number and symptoms. I've repaired numerous home appliances, my hot tub, furnace and water heater by doing this. Even better call the manufacturers tech support.

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