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Panfish are vanishing

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Am I the only one to have noticed that Panfish (Blue Gills, Pumkinseed, Crappies, Perch)  seem to have almost vanished within a couple of hours drive east of Toronto? In places like Rice lake, the Kawarthas, Scuggog,  Balsam etc they are nowhere to be found, even with live bait. A total crash of these populations. Is it the round gobies that have extirpated them? Or something much worse, like a total collapse of the ecosystems? 

I have received an message from a reader saying he/she cannot post a response to this posting. I tried myself but could not figure it out. Would someone have some instructions to do this?

Someone kindly told me that thus is not the right forum to post this because people cannot respond. I tried to change this but could not find any other forum than fishing news accessible from my computer. The only other choice is the classified, which seems inappropriate for posting this. Is these a User Manual or Instructions for the site that can be accessed or downloaded?

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people say it's the wrong forum to post

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