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Old Ironmaker

While we are on the subject of Wind

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Talking about the wind yesterday we got onto a conversation with a few guys that have about 200 years of experience between us on this wind machine called Lake Erie. If any of you are on Erie in a boat and the wind shifts to due east or due west get off that lake ASAP. What is about to follow is never good. I told a couple of guys that were out with me here Perch fishing, and we were hammering Jumbo's at the time, to pack it up now. A beuty of a day the Sun was shining and just enough breeze to stay cool on a summer afternoon. They were bewildered and protested quite ineffectively. By the time we rounded Peacock Point 10 minutes latter the sky was a jhet pitch black and lightning was striking the Hydro stacks. Both men are very Christian and they were speaking in tongues by the time we safely hit the creek. The reason I could tell the wind was coming was looking at the plumes coming off those wonderful Hydro stacks at 90 degrees. Those stacks were not just markers to a safe port, when they were making power they told wind direction and speed in a glance. I guess the Wind Turbines will have to do but they won't give you an indication of speed or where Nanticoke Creek is. I will miss them.

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