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good buddy gets pass for weekend from wife

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Hey my buddy got a weekend pass and I am looking for a little help on where to go we both want to go somewhere new to us, I was thinking biscotasing, or tamagami or gogama. Would love to get on a decent spot with good numbers, but more importantly, would love to stay in a place close to the water, or by a decent fishing spot. We have sled and four wheelers, but I only want to use them to set up our equipment we want to be close enough to a place that we can crawl home. I have a funny feeling driving off the ice will be out of the question. P.S it the first time in years just the two of us have had no kids wives or any resposibilities. It will be like highschool again. Mabey

Thanks for any help

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I look for a new place to go ice fishing for a weekender with my friends every year. Although your criteria are reasonable, finding a place like that can be difficult - at least it has been for me. I'd suggest looking at places on Temagami, Nipissing and Nosbonsing. On Nipissing you would probably want a sleeper hut. However, I am not that familiar with the Sudbury area for ice fishing, so there may be some amazing places closer to you.


I'd recommend going through the list provided by OOD:




Good luck!

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