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  1. long story short port stanely young like 8years old, learning to cast had one go wild but did not know. Felt a tug and set the hook like dad taught me. I faought that fish hard it felt like a big one.......turns out it was some poor bugger walking down the peir, got him right in the knee.....i'll never forget the car ride home. Dad just said nice hook set. lol true story
  2. Totally agree most are good guys. I've made honest mistakes, too many rod, did not read the old regs right. Fined me and believed me because I showed him in the regs the decrepence, but gave me all the tackle back so I did not have too stop fishing for the day. I had to chew the fine but I was in the wrong. If one fish is caugtht and photo/s are taken, prob no big deal, but to do multiple fish, you may be into trouble if you are handleing them poorly or taking too much time. St clair co have had no issues with pic of catch and release. yet again common sense. The co's can see you before you can see them and they take photo's of the infractions from a distance. I have seen them pic boats out of a crowd of 50 boats.
  3. Hey my buddy got a weekend pass and I am looking for a little help on where to go we both want to go somewhere new to us, I was thinking biscotasing, or tamagami or gogama. Would love to get on a decent spot with good numbers, but more importantly, would love to stay in a place close to the water, or by a decent fishing spot. We have sled and four wheelers, but I only want to use them to set up our equipment we want to be close enough to a place that we can crawl home. I have a funny feeling driving off the ice will be out of the question. P.S it the first time in years just the two of us have had no kids wives or any resposibilities. It will be like highschool again. Mabey Thanks for any help
  4. That is the reason I would take a guide they will show you where the fish are, day one and the rest will be history, those fish have so much space. How has the locks been in lindsay, live there for two years and just loved the walleye out of there. Do they still produce good numbers.
  5. esnagami lodge out of nakina, eric lund, been there done it and loves it don't know about the front door pick up, anything is possible. Awesomw eye numbers
  6. casting, been downrigging for 7 years lost my touch and feel, worst of all my daughter broke my 18 year old quantam tour edition rod, love my kid but caught alot of fish casting with that rod, loved that rod. Got to start all over with a new stick. Wish me luck. Good luck and I prefer mr meanies over all others in the fast moving rivers.
  7. . If it is bay of quinte call jeff or paul from quinte fishing team, there great guys and guides, they will put you on to fish. I strongly suggest getting a guide for a day. You will not regret it with these two services i told you about. If you can't get in touch with them pm me and I'll get their numbers for you.
  8. Hey my suggestion to you is too not go with the great expectations of catching fish. We do a fall musky trip 14 guys and I would not change it for the world we book it after the prime season, have trophies and put the focus on the food and beverages and poker. The fish is just a bonus and no expectations leave little to no room for dissapointment. But if it is all about the fish because I understand, and have been ther and time is hard to get away. I know a guide on erie that will put more spring walleye in your boat than you can imagine. Go with him day one and then use what he taught you and you will be fine for fish I promise. His name is Jerermy Brooks and he runs Trophy Takers Charters. He works his regular job with my brother and just gave me pointers over the phone and I rarely actually never get skunked on erie. hope this helps. He can tell you where to rent cabins.
  9. Hey mike I was on simcoe a few years back and I watched a whack of cars go through. It was one big crack and then just slow motion, same thing 10 to 12 inches, people dont think, if they were driving a big rig they may worry but nobody adds up the weight of the combined vehicles. I have a hard time parking on the ice because I am ususally one of the first on and last off, it is the dumb my mom hates me that park around me when gone that scares me. The best part was I was with a group of three and I had my limit, and my buddies had just a few to go so headed back early to get the vehicle warmed up (we parked on land) but I took the other 2 guys fish with me. At the time the cars went through A CO was just asking me about my day and licence. What great timing, or I could have been in a tight spot with some explaining to do. He said have a nice day and made a call. Hey to all try to park a little out of the way from the weekend citidiots,to avoid this. the tow truck was getting 800 cash. he had a great day.
  10. big chief good but crappy winter and summer. 15 deg 8 hours Centrino good but need to open door too cool so burner comes on to produce smoke in summer. also hold moisure in so I drain the tray. 145 for 8 hours I run them both if I had to pick one it would be the centrino. I have only ever smoked fish. Done it for years.
  11. awwwwww! I think i might be that guy. no wonder no one wants to fish with me. lmao
  12. Right on that sound like a great trip, there in nothing better than realizing that you for the first time in your fishing life you hoped to be out fished. who thought being a dad could be so enjoyable. Nice to hear.
  13. Get ready for some record breaking salmon to come from our lakes in the next year to five, based on the warmer temps all around of the great lakes, smolts in the rivers will be larger based on temp units and the fish in the lake shold keep feeding more agrresively and watch for an over lap of musky and pike spawning, pike generally spawn earlier, the warmer water temps may prompt the musky to spawn eariler and thus the pike fry won't have an advantage of size and eat the majority of musky fry. Good for musky stocks, and the best part is the water levels will not fluctuate dramatically so spawning fish wont spawn on locations that will be high and dry before the eggs hatch. Also spawning walleye will not have to deal with huge amounts of pollutants stored in the snow melt that attack walleye eggs every spring. I am an eternal optomist, lets just hope there is enough rain to get the rainbow up thos rivers this spring. The down fall is I fear the river boys have been hammering the good spawning bows and eyes this extended season. Great thread I will ponder this for a bit
  14. Blue fox #1 spinner silver blade blue bell, make sure you have a snapswivel, in the rivers late fall till ice up, you will be fine, very your speed, and the clearer the water the smaller the spinner. no bigger than 6lb test. loosen the drag the bows hit like a freight train.
  15. spinning reel.........I thought you meant bait caster, just run hot tap water over the line for a minute. That will cure what ails ya.
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