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pike n' whities

little adventure for specks

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Well, earlier today we went on an adventure. took the van up an old logging road. well more than one old logging road and a couple new ones. some places you would want a 4 wheel drive half ton but we made it real easy! our secret is how we pick or spots and take our time, lol. the dam on the pond we were gunna fish broke. so its kinda empty. it was a pretty vast swampy area. the ground should never be as firm as it was but with the weather lately thats the way its goin. we drove up one road and saw a pond. but by then we already called it a day and besides...... there were no trails just more muck. anyhow there was a few BIG piles of old branches and what not. dry as a bone. so guess what, if lightning hit that.... well you could just imagine the fire. im surprised the bush is drier than a popcorn fart. up here it is anyway. and the level of my favorite (active/live) creek is way down. holes are deep enough that nice specks will be in there by the time it opens again in june. in all it was a fun day. dog filled with mud to her chest and bikes caked with the sticky stuff. made a mess of the inside of the van too :P ..... shoulda took a few pics. lots of BIG moose tracks. odd wolf tracks too. bear poo around but no bear prints dunno.gif we did however get a few nice strikes in the creek comming from the pond. no commitments though. that about sums the day up. besides the interior van clean up and scrubbin the puppy down. sooooo many trails for quads and dirtbikes! cant wait till fall so I can finally get that dream quad thumbsup_anim.gif


hope everyone had a good ol' time out there this long weekend!

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